Is Covid 19 a Hoax to Implement The Fascist New World Order?

This video talks about the previous false flag biological weapons attacks by the same people. These people, and I use the term loosely, are widely believed to be a single entity, capable of convincing dozens of presidents and prime ministers around the world to read off a script and follow a set agenda, keeping apart keeps us together, building back better, the future we want and all their other catch phrases.

It may not be completely provable, to the extent that the mainstream sources would not label it a proven fact, but what I am saying is:

  • They made the virus in the Wuhan lab and released it on purpose
  • They used a faulty PCR test which was not meant to diagnose disease according to it’s inventor, set at a number of cycles which they said themselves would produce unlimited amounts of false positives, especially among “asymptomatic people” or people who didn’t have it.
  • They aimed to increase the numbers of cases and “deaths” by giving out thousands of dollars for writing covid 19 as the cause of death without even requiring a test and even putting covid cases back in nursing homes.
  • They banned the cure, or effective treatments that had been around for years by falsifying the data that showed that a 65 year old malaria drug had any increased risk at all by overdosing them with 6 times too much, not using zinc, and not giving it in the first few days, where it would be effective enough to save over half the people, based on the majority of studies that were done.
  • They had a plan to mandate a vaccine before they even “knew” that a vaccine could be made for a coronavirus, when the last time they tried, the ferrets in the SARS vaccine trial died at a higher rate when exposed to the wild SARS virus, and they all died of liver failure.

This does not even take into account the catastrophic devastation of the lock downs which starved millions to death in the third world, destroyed countless businesses, jobs, industries, families, caused suicides, riots, delayed medical procedures, and general civil unrest, to the level that people have rightfully called it, world war three.

It is an attack, no matter how you look at it, it is an act of war, whether you want to dispute any one of those facts, as the fact checkers on Facebook who they paid to check facts for them suggest.

The question is, which country, which organization, which group of people have the balls to take on such an insidious, vicious, and powerful foe, and who is the enemy exactly?

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