The Great Reset Explained

The details as I understand them are as follows, to the best of my “knowledge”. The new world order is a global system of government that has been in the works for decades. The World Economic Forum has signed an agreement with the UN which aims to partner together to achieve the “sustainability goals” of agenda 2030, which was previously known as agenda 21.

They say that nobody will be left behind in their plan which suggests it can end poverty and hunger, while reducing the world’s population, which some globalists like Bill Gates have said is the primary founding reason for his foundation. Here you can see their stated goals.

Various “conspiracy theories” have emerged suggesting that “covid 19” was simply a long planned attack on the world, mostly a hoax, designed to implement this great reset, a one world government takeover by corporations and governments working as one, the very definition of fascism. These people like Alex Jones and David Icke have not just recently emerged, they have been saying this was being planned for decades, as have the globalist entities and corporations themselves.

For example, the Rockerfeller Foundation’s 2010 document Scenarios for Future Technology & Development lays out a possible future written in past tense, as though it already happened.

They lay out four possible futures which to me, seem to fit the pattern of what we’re seeing. Lock step, a tighter system of top down government control based on a virus, which according to many sources, they made in the Wuhan lab, funded by Fauci, beginning with gain of function research he started in the US, and was told to stop.

The next scenario is clever together, in which people wake up to this scam. Then we go into hack attack, where they attack us with hacking of our infrastructure to shut down electricity and hospitals and the internet and banking, and who knows what, which Klaus Schwab said could be a much greater danger to the world than coronavirus. Here is a video about the next crisis of a hack attack by them.

The last step is smart scramble, and this would perhaps be in their twisted view, an attempt of the “people” to fight against this attack, from them, which they will also claim to offer the solution to, but the people will in fact need to create a solution that separates themselves from this fascist globalist group of criminals, if they wish to live with democracy and freedom, privacy and the ability to own their own property and their own bodies, for every generation to come.

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