Censorship Gone Mad In The Information Age

Censorship used to be an easy thing for the powers that be, they would just find a reporter who said something they didn’t like, such as Gary Webb for example, who printed proof of the “US government” selling crack to fund Nicaraguan death squads and giving weapons to Iran, while giving sarin nerve gas to Iraq at the same time, and they’d just shoot him in the head and call it a suicide.

Problem solved they thought, and it was, to a certain extent, didn’t hear all that much else about it for a while after that. Saw an ex CIA agent try to publish a book called My Twenty Years Smuggling Heroin Out Of Afghanistan For the CIA, and I saw him put up on charges of child porn, the book was not published, and the blog post I saw that on disappeared, had a 404 not found on it, a few months later.

Julian Assange ran the Wikileaks site, which received anonymous leaks, some say from the hacker group Anonymous, although it’s anonymous so they wouldn’t know, and he was charged with rape in Sweden, and is facing charges for espionage, as though he was the one who hacked the information such as video of them shooting random unarmed civilians in Afghanistan.

Popular “conspiracy theorist” Alex Jones was attacked and censored from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. He’s one of the most banned people in the world, and David Icke had the same thing happen, and then it began to happen to more and more people, until there were millions of people who were censored, including the president of the USA, Trump.

Here he is saying the mainstream media is fake news, they stole the election, they lied about the coronavirus, and when asked directly to discredit the “conspiracy theory” that Satanic pedophiles run the world, he said I’m not going to do that.

Conspiracy theories are becoming more popular because it’s becoming more and more obvious that they have been lying through their teeth about their connection to the people who make the most money in the world.

Number one source of money in the world is drugs, if you include illegal drugs, pharmaceuticals, tobacco and alcohol, that’s by far the largest source of money, and money is pulled out of thin air by the people who own every central bank in the world, and print money to give to themselves.

They start wars for weapons profits, they commit terrorist attacks, they run the majority of the sex trade, including children, and including darker Satanic urges like torture and murder in the gangs that they also run. They trained Al Qaeda, funded the Sinaloa, they were smuggling drugs out of Vietnam with Air America, their fleet of planes and helicopters owned by the CIA since the beginning of the CIA.

They trained puppet dictators in torture and oppression in the school of the Americas since the forties, the motto of Air America is “anything, anywhere, anytime.” So is it surprising, they want to keep secrets for “national security”?

The NSA spies on every single thing that everyone does on their computer, in the world, and then sells that information to the highest bidder, perhaps in conjunction with Facebook and other big tech platforms, Cambridge Analytica and then they use that information for endless potential nefarious purposes such as psy ops to sell products, start wars, win elections, fix elections, or to further their political ambitions of more power and wealth, for them, at the expense of the people of the world, and now, especially their “own people”. Take a look at the documentary Shadowgate for more information on that.

What to do about all this? I’m doing it, we must tell the truth, as we see it, as we find it, as independent reporters, we are the media now.

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