Facebook Tracking Users Across the Entire Internet Without Their Knowledge

Something that came out in the senate hearings involving Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey from Facebook and Twitter was that they are using secret software to track users and collect data from their entire internet usage, not just leaving or coming into the site, but all of it. Sentra is what it’s called apparently, you may have already realized anything you post on there they own, but they also own anything you don’t post on there as well, or they think they do.

My girlfriend told me don’t install Facebook Messenger on your phone because it listens to your conversations all the time, when you’re not using it, and records it as text, stored on a server, somewhere in the world. I don’t know if that’s true, that anywhere there’s a cell phone or webcam they are recording everything you say and do, even if you’re not making a call but if it’s not Facebook, it’s the NSA, or the CIA, and they can and do, do that sort of thing.

I remember Edward Snowden saying the NSA were spying on over a hundred thousand people in Australia, and that was about a decade ago. By now, they’re probably storing the information of every text message, every email, every Skype call, every Zoom chat, and every chat of anyone within hearing distance of a smart device, a smart phone, computer, CCTV camera with facial recognition software, anywhere in the world.

As Boris Johnson put it in his insane speech to the UN in 2019: “You may keep secrets from your friends, from your parents, your children, your doctor – even your personal trainer – but it takes real effort to conceal your thoughts from Google.” and “A future Alexa will pretend to take orders. But this Alexa will be watching you, clucking her tongue and stamping her foot.”

Here he is doing the Hitler salute to his UN masters, pledging allegiance to the new grid of surveillance that will see all, know all, but the question is, who knows what? Have you got a real good grasp of how to tell the difference between somebody who searches how to blow up the government on Google as a joke, or as something to do when they’re bored, and who might actually be buying the truckloads of fertilizer needed?

Have you worked out who knows how to make deadly poisons, deadly weapons, and who worked out it’s as easy to kill a person as it always was, if you’re prepared to go to jail? It’s not exactly rocket science, there’s a million ways to kill or die, and anything that isn’t that is simply words, which if it isn’t specifically inciting violence, would be covered by freedom of speech, unless you were going to try to make changes to the constitutions of every country in the world, which I’m sure they’re going to try to do.

PolitiFact.com’s Truth-O-Meter.

They got Facebook fact checking every single post coming from a conservative leaning angle, to the point that I posted a link to a music video I did on Youtube, after a thirty day ban, and in between thirty day bans for telling the truth about the holes in their covid hoax story, and they fact checked the text I wrote, because it said something they didn’t agree with.

The fact checkers have outed themselves as bald faced liars so many times now it’s laughable that these elites pay millions of dollars to people (who don’t get paid from anyone else), to tell lies, disguised as facts, which they think if told enough times, by enough large media organizations will suddenly make these insanely implausible lies become true. That’s exactly what Hitler said in his book, keep repeating the big lie over and over again, with all these “different sources” stemming from the exact same dirty bastards, and they’ll believe it.

I’ll just give you a few examples of their nonsense with the fact checks. I posted a left wing organization talking on video about how they would violently storm government buildings if Donald Trump lost the election and wouldn’t leave, or if he won and they said he cheated. They posted a fact check that they weren’t planning a violent coup, because they asked them, and they said it was a peaceful protest they were planning.

There was another one about how Putin didn’t say the US is run by Satanic pedophiles, but when you read what he said in his speech, he says pretty much exactly that, but specifically says it’s one party in particular who is more likely to be pushing that agenda, at least at the moment. I’m not saying Putin is reliable, but he’s more likely to be telling the truth than these fact checkers.

I say these things as facts because I seen ten thousand facts and “coincidences” all pointing towards them being the largest criminal terrorists in the world, and “they” are also the massive corporations and media organizations who run the biased reporting about the wars they start for weapons profits, like CNN, and they’re all basically one large connected hive mind like the Borg from Star Trek, they got government leaders worldwide reading off a script, repeating the exact same words, like their syndicated media outlets. If I get a fact or two wrong, sue me, but you can’t prove that I got the facts wrong, when I can prove that the fact checkers are fake news.

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