Why Were The Georgia Guidestones Built?

A simple conversation on You Tube comments, on a video about Bill Gates, to perhaps give you a little perspective on the “two sides” of this debate. Here is his response to my first comment, which was somewhat similar to the second reply.

Hey, first off I’m not attacking. I usually don’t leave comments or serious comments. It’s not Bill Gates’ fault for lack of government support systems. If there wasn’t any lockdowns, more people would’ve died to the virus, which would then make people enraged over not acting quick enough, there’s always two sides of these things and I really try to see all different nuances in most situations.

He didn’t say 200b$ from the sale of this vaccine, he said his foundation was a twenty to one investment over 18 years. Article released in 2019. Treating sickness and starvation won’t fix the issue, merely prolong it (Alternative letting them starve, which isn’t a close to a viable option.). I believe countries with high starvation and sickness rates (Africa etc.) needs a complete overhaul, for a country or a very capable company to give those countries who need, the tools to have the goal of self sustain.

Could Gates do that? If he invested his time, effort and money into it, maybe yes. Sorry if you meant starvation and easily preventable diseases in regards to covid, I’m not sure which one u were referring to. I think, even as a billionaire, you don’t want to shell out money for good press or just “do what’s right”, if you truly want to help, you’re a part of the process and see where your time, effort and money goes.

I do believe he’s trying to help, but nobody but himself or people close to him knows the exact intent and feeling. The Transverse myelitis has occurred twice in the UK and it is unconfirmed what caused it, information has not been released and I can see why, it is a lose lose situation, you release that it is a possibility with very low chance(or similar statement) people will freak out because all of the Facebook shared articles were right along that vaccines are dangerous with a multitude of other conspiracies. If you don’t and it shows that it happened again and they “lied” or tried to cover it, pretty much same thing.

I suppose it’s a “smaller lose” situation if you make sure you know what you (the scientists) are talking about. Yes I did search for these things, found multiple sources of this info. I try to be neutral and get correct information before I say something.

People don’t spread misinformation or lie (in most cases) intentionally, there are so many ways you bend and twist words, comments, actions etc. some do truly believe these things due to multiple reasons, state of mind, the old whisper in ear around a ring (can’t remember name) in which things start off true but spiral out of hand, fitting ones narrative and “piecing” things together, like these conspiracies, that he mentioned (during ebola) a potential global deadly disease 5~ years ago which caused gates to be one of the targets.

Spreading misinformation and believing what fits your narrative can have a very negative impact on mankind, Perhaps you dislike the rich, inciting your likelihood to believe that there is an elite underground government that wants to kill off humans, simply for an example (a conspiracy I found while searching for all this information).

Or you’re antivax because you personally have an experience with it (that i strongly believe is rarely the case) it is mainly through social media echo chambers that reinforce their beliefs with similar people. This goes for most movements, beliefs and strong opinions). . All in all, if u read it all, goddamn.

Not being toxic, not trying to berate you, just got kind of sick of this video’s extreme biased comment section. I had a a slight negative opinion before searching a bit because I have seen clips of him, while people are mentioning distaste for him, now I have no opinion of Bill Gates, can’t judge 100% what people’s actual intents are.

Seeing comments like “Why doesn’t he use a mask?? WHY?” along with another person essentially reinforcing that attitude, makes me uncomfortable that people jump the gun so fast if it fits their narrative. He is inside video chatting, there’s a few from multiple news clips, no people close to him.

I even searched if there was a recent event where he didn’t use one (fairly certain it would’ve been an article). Vaccines have made weak people be able to survive, we would’ve had substantially less people alive without modern day medicine. The world isn’t as exciting as people on Facebook sharing articles would have you to believe.

Just because a conspiracy has a chance to be true (even articles, perhaps even with a few sprinkled in truths) doesn’t mean it is true. If you see green, you see green. Someone says its green, but somebody says its lime and one other says its blue. Truth, sprinkled (perhaps biased truth), lie. Suddenly it’s teal being perceived as truth.


No, they made the virus in the Wuhan lab, released it on purpose, planned it in event 201, planned it in ID2020, planned it in the great reset, agenda 21, agenda 2030, the Rockerfeller Foundation’s 2010 document scenarios for future technology and development, they banned the cure by overdosing the patients, they said masks don’t work first, because they knew they didn’t, they rushed through a vaccine, and Bill Gates said he wants to use vaccines to reduce the population of the world by ten to fifteen percent and population control is the primary, founding reason for his foundation, the Rockerfellers funded Hitler and started the American Eugenics society.

It isn’t one thing I’m misunderstanding, I understand it very well. It’s written out in stone on the Georgia guide stones, keep the population of the world under 500 million, that’s them.

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