How To End the Fascist Slavery Of Covid Restrictions

The simple answer to the question of how to stop the endless slide into absolute slavery and servitude to a fascist one world government, trying to take all your rights and freedoms, is don’t let them.

People have been conditioned to respect authority. The government is right because the “experts” know “best”. They read off the blackboard, repeat the answers, and get given a gold star and a pat on the back for being programmed sheep.

You might get in “trouble” if you do the wrong thing. I played in a band with a guy who stabbed a guy in the lung, he got a year in jail, but the guy deserved it. Not complying with these regulations will not get you jail time, or ruin your life, in fact the only way it will ruin your life is if you comply as a population, with these regulations, because you are making the entire world into a prison as one collective group of pussies.

You cannot do this, I won’t let you, and neither will millions and millions of people, and that number is going to get more serious about it, and potentially more violent, the more serious the restrictions they try to force on it.

So to avoid the most serious part of world war three, which this is, everyone has to join together in non violent resistance, of every goddamn stupid thing they try to force on us. We need you to go to Freedom Day protests. We need you to speak up and tell your friends and family to not comply.

I do not consent, I do not comply, is not the phrase uttered by a tin foil hat wearing political dissident, it is the phrase spoken by a man or woman, a living human being, not a fictional legal entity owned by a corporation to do with as they see fit. We take back our freedom together, and if we don’t, we still take back our freedom, or die trying, those of us willing to die for the cause.

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