The Insanity Of The Human Race

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again and expecting a different result. It’s a rat race, survival of the “fittest” but how do you define fit?

In the West, we’re terribly unhealthy, huge levels of obesity, cancer, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, stroke, autism, and general unhappiness. People act like they’re happy, and the strange thing is, you can go through utter hell in a lifetime, not have anything to compare it to, and say you’re happy, because you’re not dying, starving, or in an actual prison or mental asylum.

How is this circus working, and to whom is it working? We aren’t getting married anymore, most people are alone in the West, there’s drugs and prostitution and gangs and crime, starvation in the third world, pollution, and now a huge push from the elites to take away all the rights and freedoms we thought we had, which most of the world didn’t have.

In terms of actual insanity, a reasonable percentage of people are actually mentally ill, or have episodes of psychosis or breaks with reality, but what is reality? The division of society in recent times, 2020, has shown that people’s perception of reality can be at polar opposites when shown the same information.

Some people look at a guy like Bill Gates and see a nice man trying to help people by giving them life saving vaccines, and others realize that vaccines make a twenty to one return on investment, and he said that on video, two hundred billion from ten billion, and that the primary, founding reason of the foundation he inherited from his father was population control, eugenics, culling the herd.

They smile like it’s Christmas as they say the next pandemic is really going to get their attention this time, it’s coming, it’s coming, wait for it, we’re going to get it to you. This is what Klaus Schwab is saying about the hack attack that was outlined in the Rockerfeller Foundation’s 2010 document Scenarios for Future Technology and Development which detailed how they planned to install a fascist one world government in the great reset.

It’s coming, “they” could turn off water, electricity, banks, internet, phones, anything, everything, and of course the only people who could do that, or would have any reason to, is the people trying to terrorize the world to force this fascist takeover of these elite psychopathic eugenicists.

Saw a doctor, Dolores Cahill of the World Freedom Alliance talking about how they all got death threats, they said they were going to kill her family, cut them into pieces, for speaking up about freedom and the actual truth.

While these psychopathic terrorists are scary, as soon as they show their hand violently, in any serious way, to any large degree, it will become apparent that “they” aren’t the good guys, and the armed forces of any particular country will turn against them. It’s already happening, but unfortunately it isn’t happening fast enough because “they” own the mainstream media, and have brainwashing power over a certain group of people, as though they were members of a cult.

This is similar to Christianity itself, they have a symbol of good, a martyr, nailed to a cross as a simple example of the good guys, and the bad guys, and guess what? The good guys never actually won. The Roman empire took over Christianity and tortured fifty million people to death in the inquisition with the rack, the iron maiden, the Judas chair, burning witches, or anyone who went against them, in any way, while using the illusion that they were “righteous” when nothing could be further from the truth.

The real spirit of “Jesus” if you want to believe in him, is someone who questioned authority, spoke up for the people, all the people, all creatures on earth, and tried to do the right thing, not the things they were told to do at the time, like stone people to death for picking up sticks on a Saturday.

“It is done.”

He turned over their money tables, called them a bunch of complete bastards, and told them to get screwed, and that’s the attitude you have to have. The Satanical viewpoint is I am God, which you get, when you eat the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.

It’s a metaphor.

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