The Left/Right Divide and How To Overcome It To Fight The New World Order

There is a clear divide between rich and poor, Christians and Atheists, capitalists and communists, right and left, but the solution to me is to stop fighting about petty things, and make a compromise, which we pretty much already did. What almost nobody is saying is that they want extreme authoritarianism from police and the government, especially with these harsh lockdowns that destroyed businesses and lives around the world.

In America, you had the conservative Christians protesting against Bill Gates, mark of the beast, and then overnight, a drug addict gets killed, and there’s riots for over six months. The reason for this is, they had enough. They know the CIA deals the drugs and lied about it. Even if they aren’t on drugs, they see the massive problems caused by drugs in the community and realize that the no tolerance approach to the drugs they sell is not working, and it’s disproportionately targeted at minorities and people who look poor.

Rich people are on drugs, they don’t get put in jail for life for being Charlie Sheen or Brittany Spears, Lindsay Lohan, or whoever else. They might get a bashing from the media, but the media includes the music industry, which practically brainwashes people to want drugs, because the same people who own the music industry sell the drugs. This was explored in the movie Blow.

I don’t want to keep going on about that, but if we’re going to win this “war” it can’t be right versus left, it has to be the people versus fascist tyranny, and while they are actually useful idiots for the rich elite, helping them to install their fascist/communist system worldwide, they don’t actually know that’s what they’re doing.

They think they’ll get free money and free drugs if they put the Democrats in power in the US, but they probably won’t, and they just make themselves look worse by attacking random Trump supporters, who don’t really get their point of view. They don’t get it, but they could possibly convince the “left” to fight the deep state bastards, if they realized how much more important it was to fight the power, not the people themselves.

Think about it, the Antifa guys, they hate the rich elite, they might be funded by George Soros, but if they knew what sort of guy he really was, they’d turn on him and the rest of these bastards pretty quickly. They’re just a bunch of dumb kids on drugs, brainwashed to serve the agenda of the globalists.

It’s important to maintain focus on the real enemy. The Rockerfellers, the Rothschilds, they funded both sides of every war ever, they’re the Jews who funded Hitler, wiped out their own people. They planned 9/11, they’re all in a group of rich elites together in every country, and it isn’t country against country, it’s them keeping their wealth and power by starting wars for weapons profits, drug profits, oil profits, and considering themselves to be a different race.

Maybe they are lizard headed aliens. Anyway, they’re still men, and they aren’t immortal, and by uniting as one group of protestors, with the cause of freedom, libertarianism, anti authoritarianism, anti crony capitalism, but pro democracy, that would be a force to reckon with.

The UK protestors just keep shouting take your freedom back, and that’s your personal freedom, to do whatever you want to do, right, or left, and you can have both, even in the same country, so long as you have freedom.

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