The Mainstream Media Versus The “Conspiracy Theorists”

The level of conspiracy theories has no limits, it can include practically any belief in a shadowy group of people conspiring to do evil or scary things, the new world order, the illuminati, the cabal, the rich elite, the globalist corporations.

The problem with dismissing this as a concept is, most of it is true, or has elements of truth. Much of it is just simply proven facts, and even when it is proven facts these facts usually don’t make it into the mainstream media.

They want to create a happy little Utopia, where the government are the good guys, the corporations are your friend, and they only print the truth, and nothing but the truth.

The UK series Utopia, (remade in America recently) focused on a group of conspiracy theorists who then learned that psychopathic criminals working for a world health organization were trying to exterminate humanity, or sterilize them to save resources or stop climate change, using a deadly flu, and a vaccine.

This show was made many years ago, 2014, and it’s very eerily creepy to what happened this year, so much so that you might say that they predicted certain things happening, predictive programming.

The most confronting part of the show, if not the torture and mass murder of the world’s population is how the people with the plan believed they were doing the right thing.

This guy who invented the weapon of mass destruction went to a secret society meeting, (based on the club of Rome), where he discussed the various problems associated with overpopulation, worked out that people would die regardless in the future if they did nothing, and that it would be better to kill them quickly, rather than slowly, and decide who got to live, rather than waiting for a war to break out in which almost everyone could die, from starvation, nuclear fallout or worse.

This is of course, a TV show, but based on reality, to the point that it seems to be preparing you for the dark reality that faces us as people. Many people say the world isn’t overpopulated, we could support a hundred times more people if we did certain things.

What are those things? Well, we’d have to stop polluting, stop cutting down trees, stop overfishing the ocean, stop using fossil fuels or replace them with something else, recycle, and about there you start to realize, there’s a problem.

We aren’t recycling, at least not here, because it’s not economically viable. We used to send our recycling to China to be turned back into useful products, but they turned it away because it didn’t make money for them, and they work for a dollar an hour.

This is half the problem, money does not reward doing the right thing and in order to have a sustainable society we will need to change the whole way we look at work and business and the role of government.

A resource based economy has been put forward as a way to do that, however it doesn’t sound all that different to socialism, and they admit themselves it isn’t really democratic, more of a necessity that’s forced on the people of the world.

Our resources would be limited, we would recycle everything, and there would be no opting out of the “rules” once they were in place. Smart cities, basically all the same things the World Economic Forum is talking about in their predictions for 2030, you will own nothing and you will be happy.

Many people find this idea incredibly scary, particularly as they weren’t consulted about it, it’s a fascist globalist takeover, and everything they worked for their entire lives could be taken away, in their understanding, or belief.

The Future

The question is, do we get to the future quickly, or slowly, and is there even a choice? Oil will run out in fifty years according to their estimates. There’s half the fish in the ocean there were fifty years ago, and the world’s population doubles every fifty years, given the resources to do so.

War and famine and disease kept our populations in check in the past, and we sort of postponed that as much as possible with a new age approach to trying to do the “right thing” which was historically, kind of a new idea.

The right thing today is perhaps recognizing that we can’t keep going into the future getting everything we want and being nice to everyone, reproducing as much as we see fit. It just isn’t possible to do all of those things.

Bill Gates made an equation in his talk Innovating to Zero, in which he discussed reducing carbon emissions to near zero to stop climate change. Climate change is still a highly debated idea, but the other things I mentioned are definitely real. Co2xPxSxE is the equation with P being people, S being services and E being energy.

We simply can’t give everyone hybrid cars and solar panels or wind power, hydro power without many years of work, tons of money, and it wouldn’t be profitable for corporations on their own, and so the focus was on population control.

Gates admitted he wanted to control the population of the world and much of his foundation’s work in the early days was contraception and abortion in the third world, but he was also accused of sterilizing millions in third world countries, already, with vaccines.

Are vaccine sterilizations the answer to reducing the population by ten to fifteen percent as he suggested we do in his TED talk?

He doesn’t even admit that’s what he’s doing, or what possible side effects there might be, apart from covert sterilization itself. He said that if more kids survive to adulthood, people will have less kids because they’ll all survive, so they won’t need to keep having sex.

There are all sorts of ethical considerations there, but people are not ready to face any of these realities, they had it so good, so long in the West they just assume that they can continue the same way forever, even when the US has a national debt of a tenth of all the money in the world, which is predicted to spiral out of control, printing money like mad just to have the money with which to fulfill their obligations.

Politicians can no longer just be popular and win votes, but the people themselves cannot continue to be fed soothing lies, so they can sleep better at night. If we want a real democracy people have to actually know what it is they’re talking about, in order to be able to make a decision on events that shape our future, and that is why I am writing this blog post, with information you probably wouldn’t find in the mainstream media.

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