The “Disease” That Took Over The World

It’s quite amazing really, we’ve had disease since forever, 17 million dying of communicable diseases every year, if you can believe the numbers, and nobody actually tested everyone to find out, so they’re just guessing on that.

Then, this new disease that they made in the Wuhan lab, gain of function research that was started in America and outsourced to that bio level 4 lab in China for the stated purposes of finding cures for potential biological weapons, and they shut down the world, or try to.

As I have said before in previous posts which you can read on the archived posts at the bottom of the site, and as millions of people have said, this disease isn’t even that bad, it’s pretty much the flu, there are hardly any more people that died this year of all causes than died every year, and the damage of trying to do anything at all far exceeded the damage from the disease itself.

It’s a scam, pretty much everything is a scam, like look at this televangelist here, the majority of them are scammers, and I don’t mean to attack religion generally, but my view is, if they didn’t come up with it as a scam in the first place, it’s been thoroughly taken over by scammers.

Starting with the Romans taking over Christianity, after their soldiers nailed Jesus to the cross, they saw them as enough of a threat to force their people to convert overnight, and so started a new relationship with the oppressed subjects in their empire where they didn’t just rule by fear, they convinced people they were the good guys, religiously.

They still ruled by fear though, had medieval torture methods to terrorize people if they even looked at them the wrong way. They can’t really get away with that today in the West, they can only pretend to act like the good guys, with most people willfully ignorant enough to take that on face value.

The truth is, you don’t become the largest power in the world through being nice, the Christians killed a billion people through history, invaded countries, raped and pillaged and wiped out whole civilizations to get land and gold and resources, for the empire.

There have been good things that came from that, advances in technology, increases in standards of living, even for those conquered by them, but it’s generally not much different from the Roman empire.

The New Empire

Why am I talking about that instead of covid? Well, that’s the flu, maybe souped up in a lab, while banning the cure and vastly overestimating it’s impact with faulty tests and faulty diagnostic procedures, we all know that.

But what it is actually meant for is to form a new empire, a global new world order where the UN is in charge, dictating global policy, with the stated aim of being “for your safety”.

The great reset, which was planned for years in advance, here’s a Forbes article from 2017 which talks about the financial reasons for it, the national debt, but there’s also fossil fuels running out, the rainforests being cut down, no fish in the ocean, land degradation, climate change, overpopulation etc.

There’s reasons for them doing what they’re doing, but as always, they tell the public one thing, and keep the secrets of what’s actually going on to themselves, because they believe the public won’t be able to understand that reality, or it’s better that they don’t know and live in a happy little bubble of fantasy, like children who believe that Santa Claus brings the presents.

That’s how they treat the public, and most of the public is happy to go along with it, even to the point that the people who know what’s going on call you nuts or obsessed for thinking too much about the lies and being angry about it. The people who don’t know what’s going on just call you a conspiracy theorist.

There may not be a conspiracy to kill us all, but there is a conspiracy to do something, there is something big planned, there are reasons for it, and to just ignore it would be like a Christian ignoring the evidence for evolution, because they want to believe the literal truth of the bible.

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