The Intoxication Of Power

There are certain people who like to have control over other people, you might call them dominating, narcissists, sociopaths or psychopaths. It’s a real basic instinct, domination and submission, but it comes in many different flavors.

There’s the sexual type of domination, and some people have some real sick fetishes or urges when it comes to S & M, you might even call them twisted freaks.

The thing about control is that the only time somebody actually has control over you in reality is when they’re physically stopping you from doing something by force, which is where the police come in.

Money can be a fairly serious factor, getting fined or losing your job or business, but what it comes down to is the point at which they put you in jail or use weapons on you, in order to arrest you.

As far as the law goes, the police cannot actually do anything unless the people consent to it, and so a majority of people expressing that they do not consent and telling them that they don’t, that might work if everyone did it, but generally speaking they will only really get the message when force is applied back to them.

You may have seen the police running away from the protestors in America recently, or getting shot, that’s what you might get if you piss off the wrong people too much, however it is not the police that people have a problem with.

It is the elites, the ones pulling the strings, exercising their control, which they have learned to love with such smug arrogance that they think they can get away with treating people like dumb animals.

A very famous lady once said, “let them eat cake” and she’s famous because while she thought she had an army to protect her, and the elites with their painted white faces and rooms full of food, the people were starving, the soldiers had family among the people, and they just cut their heads off, and took the food, and that’s when the elites lose their power.

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