The Brutality Of Power

This short video explains in simple terms what power is, who has it, why they have it, and how it’s an ever evolving dialogue that involves everyone. A wise man once said, power is an illusion, maybe that man was me, or I’ll say it was me, and gain power from you thinking it was.

That’s the illusion, nothing is new under the sun, there’s basic forces at play that swing to the left or the right, the rich or the poor, to men or to women, to black or to white, to the government or the people, and it’s all in the mind.

Many mind control devices have been used to convince people they have authority, such as religion, laws, teachers, police, politicians, they tell you they gained the power by going through a process to learn a few basic things, take on a job role, and so they have more power than you, but do they?

Strength is in numbers, and the power they have is mostly in the perception of the minds of the people, as a whole, because if the people decide to go against them, in the most extreme circumstance, there could be a revolution and they might topple a dictator, have a coup, a revolution.

In less extreme circumstances they might just have social norms where going against the traditions and laws that were in place simply become more and more acceptable until those traditions and laws no longer exist.

You might remember there was a point at which people were stoned to death for being gay, having sex before marriage, picking up sticks on a Saturday, or being a witch or sorcerer.

Women didn’t used to be able to vote, but then people didn’t used to be able to vote until a few hundred years ago. Does our vote count, or is it just an invention designed to subdue the masses so they don’t revolt?

Well, only by the threat of revolting does it actually count. Protest, riots, they may seem like unnecessary civil unrest to some, but important tools to counter the threat of force posed by the police, told what to do by our “elected leaders” and if you don’t have one side pushing back on the other in equal measure, in perpetual balance, you have fascism, inequality, slavery and some very unhappy people in a society, so we must all speak up and raise our own voice for personal freedom, remembering to think our own thoughts as an individual.

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