The Opposition To The Covid Vaccines

Why is there so much opposition to the covid vaccine? Well, right from the start, before I even heard about the “conspiracy theory” as soon as I heard about “coronavirus” I thought to myself, and said immediately to people, they made the virus in a lab and released it on purpose, to sell the vaccine.

Why did I say that? Well, I had just watched a documentary called Vaxxed 2, which my girlfriend dragged me along to see, at a secret location, announced two hours before, where we saw the information they didn’t want you to see about the problems with existing vaccines.

I knew nothing at all about any injuries, and after watching that, I realized we had no compensation and had never been warned about anything going wrong, and potentially, a very large percentage of the population were affected.

It is of course debated, some of the claims made in the movie, like vaccines cause autism or cancer, but that wasn’t the only injuries said to be caused by vaccines, and there has been billions paid out in the US vaccine compensation court.

The first polio vaccine, the cutter incident, they released two different versions of the vaccine, one containing nothing but live polio, and more cases of vaccine derived polio are caused today by the vaccine, than it prevents, which the WHO admits themselves.

How do they respond to this? More vaccines, and in fact that might be the answer, if they had the will and the money to give people the more expensive injection which actually does prevent polio, rather than giving it to people, which the cheaper oral polio vaccine actually does.

Here you start to see the problem. They’re a cutthroat organization run by allegiance to their shareholders, and the bottom line. They police themselves, and if anyone gets in their way, they pay them off, bribe them, black mail them over sex with children, or kill them dead.

Seem like I’m being overdramatic? The Rockerfellers run the medical industry, they funded Hitler through Bayer, which is still the largest big pharma company. Google any big pharma company and the lawsuits against them, the lies they told, the people injured and you will always find something.

People have huge suspicion about these people, increasing exponentially with the lies they told, the fascist impositions on our freedoms they’re trying to impose, the power they’re showing they have on the world’s population and how they live, and if they don’t back off, people will oppose them, fight them to the death, on principle alone.

People like being free, having free choice, free will. Doctors like being able to decide how to treat patients based on their own learning and research, they like being able to debate, that’s real science, healthy debate about the pros and cons of a particular drug or treatment.

What we have seen recently is the free speech of the Western world, democracy, freedom has been stifled and suppressed, based around manipulated fear, based on what basically amounts to the flu, souped up in the lab, a little bit.

If you want to debate whether or not it’s a biological weapon or a natural illness, it doesn’t really matter, they twisted the facts for political reasons, corporate profits, for money and power and I see it, millions see it, and they have every reason in the world to oppose their power grab, by any means necessary.

21% of the Moderna covid vaccine trial had severe adverse reactions.

That’s not to say all vaccines don’t work, or that they couldn’t benefit humanity, it’s just that corporations only operate based on what makes money for them, and if choice, informed consent is removed from the equation, with people buying their products because they believe they will work, because doctors believe it will help their patients, then they absolutely, without question, can’t be even suspected of doing the “right thing”.

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