Freedom Day December 6th in Australia

I tried searching for Freedom Day December 6th on Youtube, and there was one video in the search, this one, although I have a feeling that there would have been thousands of people streaming it live to Youtube, as well as Facebook, but they just removed it from the search.

Here’s a live video of the Sydney Freedom day speeches, if it stays up on Facebook. Here’s another video that’s from Victoria I think, it’s an Australian veteran speaking about war and division and his journey in recovering from the trauma of war.

Here’s a video from the Brisbane Freedom Day and you can search for more yourself if you want to check out what happened where, if you can even find them, which I’m finding a little hard to do in searches.

I got up at the Hobart Freedom Day event, (search it if you can find it), where there were a couple of hundred people maybe, I was hoping there would be a couple of thousand, but it was raining a little.

What did I talk about? Well I talked about the one world socialist government we’re being forced into with suppression of free speech, suppression of free movement, and forced medical experimentation, which is a violation of the Nuremberg code.

I talked about the reasons they made that code, the testing of sterilization methods on prisoners of war in Nazi death camps which were ultimately funded by the same people who still run the medical industry, Bayer/Monstanto, the Rockerfellers, and all them.

I talked about the endless wars for resources like heroin and oil and weapons profits, how capitalism has inherent problems because it only does what makes money, not the right thing.

I said that if we are to have a one world socialist government, it’s important that it be democratic socialism, democracy being the most important part.

How in order to have democracy people need to actually know what’s going on, have free speech, so as to be able to have informed debate, to then vote for the people who will do the things that best fit their values.

To be honest, I’m starting to get tired of fighting for the majority of these people, they had a really long time to find out about what’s going on, they were told numerous times, they had every opportunity to learn what’s going on, if not about the coronavirus hoax, then about the great reset and what it actually means going into the future with the end of our right to vote and own property and have free speech and bodily autonomy from forced medical experimentation.

I’m starting to think that democracy isn’t even a good idea when the majority of people are so damn stupid, and so easily convinced of wrong ideas, even if they were convinced, by the same people doing this fascist global takeover of the new world order.

The people who showed up didn’t do anything but say what they were feeling about it, and it was nowhere near enough people to do anything, even if they all had machine guns. So, we move into a one world socialist government where freedom is a thing of the past. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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