The Nature Of Modern Relationships In The Transhumanist Age

Relationships have changed a lot, and also not much at all, and it’s also impossible to tell if they have changed, or haven’t, without looking back with a crystal ball to a time when people got married and stayed married, and what it was like in the inside, as opposed to the projected surface appearance.

A man might want to look like he’s the boss, the man of the house, or he might want to look like he isn’t, depending on whether the societal norms suggest he should be in charge, or not, wearing the pants, so to speak.

Does a woman wear the pants in this modern age of feminism? Yes, sometimes, sometimes she doesn’t wear any pants.

You can have two things being potentially true, at the same time, or only one of them, depending on the individual people involved.

The perception of those interactions can also be vastly different depending on social norms and propaganda, social conditioning, awareness of deeper truths.

There is the dominant and the submissive, and sometimes there is neither, but at what times do they exist?

How should you go about getting married, or not getting married, in this new age of robot sex dolls? Is it important to keep marriage as a tradition, and at what point should you get married, if at all?

What reasons are there for considering it? Was the tradition based on logical reasons?

Where do children fit in, in the equation, and should you have children? I ask all of these as questions, because there is no right answer, and that is the most logical way to approach the “debate”.

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