Bailing Out The Billionaires in 2020

This is mad, like absolutely, stark raving mad. The richest men in the world, for example Jeff Bezos from Amazon, worth a hundred billion dollars got the government to bail him out, and even asked for donations from the public due to “financial pressure” from the coronavirus lock downs.

This while the billionaires increased their fortunes more than a trillion dollars this year. Do you want to look at that again? The richest man in the world asked for donations from the public, and the government, bailouts, like the banks did in the global financial crisis which they caused.

This isn’t a new idea, there is a bankruptcy mafia that will do things like make a savings and loans business, lend the money to themselves, not pay it back to themselves, claim bankruptcy, get the insurance payout, screw the shareholders, and run off with the money.

It’s a scam, it’s a well known scam, they’re doing it again, and making more money than they ever did, scamming you obviously, out in the open, like never before.

Why are they getting away with such criminal activity? Well, because of drooling simpletons who actually think they’re the good guys.

Because of fools who believe the propaganda they spin through the media outlets they own to convince you that they are philanthropists, trying to save the world.

How can I put this, so the ridiculous sheeple understand? They are in the position they are in because they would do what the other billionaires wouldn’t to make and keep their fortunes.

Selling drugs, selling women and children, selling weapons, selling tobacco, alcohol, gambling, counterfeit money, money laundering, sweat shops, snuff films, psychic hotlines, televangelism, and selling vaccines.

They sometimes have a valuable service that people want, and I’m not even saying those aren’t all valuable services that people want, it’s just a lot of people get hurt, or some people get hurt through their relentless, ruthless, cutthroat pursuit of profits.

They get rich through these sort of means, come up with a front man to be the face of their wealth, who all these guys actually are, and then they try to convince you they’re heroes.

The richest guys in the world are the Rockerfellers and Rothschilds, trillionaires, not even on the list, and why do you think that is?

They’re not on the list because they’re so good at hiding their wealth, finding loopholes, keeping the truth from people, not paying tax, that if somebody wanted to find out that they were actually the richest people in the world, and do anything about it, they could make that person disappear, as though they never existed.

I’m not even kidding, if they thought that you were even a slight threat to them being the real richest people in the world, selling the real things that make the most money, number one thing being drugs, sex, tobacco and alcohol, they’d just give you a heart attack with a directed energy weapon, and it would just be another one of their victims, unrecognizable from the rest.

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