Are There Reasons To Be Afraid In 2021?

Let me first start out by saying I don’t mean to scare people, I don’t like the general fear campaign that’s been waged this year, on either side really, but one fear campaign was in response to the other one which attacked first.

It’s information warfare, but is it going to result in a real world war three scenario breaking out? There are general fears of civil unrest, and financial and medical threats to our health, but perhaps the largest threat is actual full scale war breaking out.

Australia has been attacked with bans on exports of wine and beef and also threatened with war in no uncertain terms if they don’t play ball according to the CCP.

They tweeted a doctored image of an Australian soldier slitting the throat of an Afghan child, wrapped in an Australian flag. It was not taken well, and it wasn’t meant to be taken well.

The shadow government of Australia

They also tweeted a cartoon of a kangaroo with a shadow that looked like an eagle, of course implying that Australia was a puppet of the USA, not a puppet of China, which of course you would expect, if we were a puppet of anyone, which is unfortunately the reality that faces most of the world.

They have said they will not sign the non nuclear treaty in February 2021, and I heard that Russia have supersonic nuclear warheads that could fly faster than anything could shoot them down, or respond before they hit.

The doomsday clock is a hundred seconds to midnight, closer than it’s ever been before, and the WEF and the UN are talking about a great reset which has plans to change the world into something that sounds unrecognizable to anything we’ve ever seen before, after the catastrophic change of the lock downs and social distancing measures this year caused by the plandemic.

I call it a plandemic because they planned the great reset, ID2020, event 201, the Rockerfeller Foundation’s Scenarios For Future Technology And Development for years or decades in advance, and if any part of this large agenda for change wasn’t planned, it would be the minority of what’s happening.

On the one hand, a one world government might be better than a one world war, world war three, but perhaps in trying to force the one world government, they force the war, because the world doesn’t want it.

You can make predictions for the future, like the World Economic Forum has done, and they do have the majority of the richest corporations in the world teamed up to try to install their new system, but ultimately nobody can predict the future with absolute certainty.

What we can say for certain is, there is a huge upheaval that has taken place, and will continue to take place, in one way or another, divisions that will take years or decades to heal, if they aren’t made worse, by the actions of the people in power, in 2021, and the years following, if there even are any following years, although I do of course believe that energy is eternal, cannot be created or destroyed it only changes form.

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