How To Face Your Irrational Fears

My last blog post was about the potential threat of nuclear annihilation, world war three, but as I explained, the real nature of the threat is mostly psychological.

It’s a psychological war, psy ops, I’ve been discussing the “deadly virus” which killed less people than the flu, last year and every year, at least in my country, and in my state, it hasn’t existed, at all for about six months now.

It hasn’t existed, yet they’re making people scan QR codes, doing laser temperature checks at the doctor’s office, they have screens up in the supermarket in front of checkouts, and they had teams of social distancers in yellow vests telling people to stay apart.

There’s signs up everywhere, there’s flashing signs telling you where you can get tested, in the hopes that you will be the false positive that happens about 1% of the time when you get tested with a faulty PCR test, that will produce the lock down and terror campaign that will then spiral out of control, all over the world, like it has done.

I’m not saying there isn’t a virus, there’s millions of them, the threat level has not increased, barely at all, except for the threat to our very souls, our democracy, our free speech, our freedom of movement, our jobs, our businesses, our lives, our relationships, everything.

Every single aspect of this anti human psy op is designed to make us afraid and uncomfortable with humans, ourselves, and life in general, sex, drugs, rock n roll, families, religion, sports, work, play, everything.

Everything is on hold, and to be feared, and to be shut down, censored, silenced, with a cancel culture terrorist attack on freedom that can only be described as learned insanity.

Should you be afraid? Yes, I’m going to punch you in the face if I ever seeing you do any of this crap. Wake up, and grow a spine.

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