Overcoming Anxiety About The Future

I have found that the way I approach anxiety about potential pain and suffering in my future is to stare at it head on and prepare myself for eventualities that may arise from the darkness in myself, and in other people.

Perhaps not the ideal way to go about leading a peaceful, happy, fulfilled life. I tried looking into Buddhism, and read a whole bunch of Zen Buddhist koans with the hope of finding “enlightenment”, however I didn’t spend enough time meditating, unless you count listening to music and watching TV, which could be seen as a type of meditation depending on what sort of thing you’re watching.

Listening to a death metal band? Playing in a death metal band? Maybe not so great for relieving anxiety, but I did that as well, played in various different styles of music from acoustic classical to electronica, but I always seemed to be using it as an escape, from feelings of anxiety, pain, desire, yearning, for something more.

What was the driving force that led me the most? Love was something I never really found, it was elusive. I never had much luck with women, I have loved some great women, if only briefly, but better to have loved and lost, than never loved at all.

The thing about that is, the only moment is right now, and whatever you have been thinking about, whatever you have been searching for, whatever you’re running away from, the only moment you can experience is right now.

There is only now, and the ideal way to live a satisfied life, if that’s even possible, is to focus on letting go of any bad thoughts, taking a deep breath, and relaxing, practicing being content in the moment.

You have everything you need, you may not have everything you want, it’s like the Rolling Stones song, you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.

I can’t make suggestions on how to live the most fulfilling life possible, how to get the best food, have the best relationship, have the best material possessions, a nice house, a nice car, lots of money, fame, health, wealth, I can only say that you must be content with the little things in life, and if you can learn to do that, perhaps through the enjoyment of simple things like music, you can find peace of mind, in a troubled world, and stop stressing out so much.

Just relax and let go of all negative thoughts, at least for now, it’s all going to be fine, which is what I needed to tell myself, so I’m telling you.

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