World At Risk Report By The WHO

OK, so here’s the report World At Risk which was released by the WHO in September 2019. It talks about “simulations” of a “deliberate release of a biological weapon”.

As this guy says, it has been predicted, but he says it cannot be a “black swan” but I don’t really know what he means by that. It’s a certainty that they told you they were going to release the biological weapon, or that they told you they were going to run “routine simulations” which prepared us for a serious biological weapon, but they didn’t tell you if this is the simulation, if it’s a simulation using a biological weapon they made, that was less serious than they said it might be, in order to prepare for a more deadly one, that they or somebody else might release, as a more deadly attack on the world than nuclear war.

So they know that they have made biological weapons in the Wuhan lab that could potentially wipe out billions of people, and they are running the simulation, of releasing a less deadly biological weapon, destroying the economy of the world and starving millions to death, with the lock downs, killing people with suicide, destroying their businesses, because they think they might have the “risk” of releasing a more deadly biological weapon, or that the other guys might, if there are even any other guys who would be stupid enough and insane enough to do that, or even to run the “simulation”.

Are there people who are that insane? They called it MAD, mutually assured destruction. Did they show that they could do it, before the other guy did it, so that they would see that they weren’t scared to do it, or to run a simulation of a less deadly biological weapon than the more deadly biological weapons that they have to release?

Let me give you a section of the PDF document.

The Secretary General of the United Nations, with WHO and United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), must strengthen coordination in different country, health and humanitarian emergency contexts, by ensuring clear United Nations systemwide roles and responsibilities; rapidly resetting preparedness and response strategies during health emergencies; and, enhancing United Nations system leadership for preparedness, including through routine simulation exercises. WHO should introduce an approach to mobilize the wider national, regional and international community at earlier stages of an outbreak, prior to a declaration of an IHR (2005) Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Progress indicator(s) by September 2020

• The Secretary-General of the United Nations, with the Director-General of WHO and Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs strengthens coordination and identifies clear roles and responsibilities and timely triggers for a coordinated United Nations systemwide response for health emergencies in different countries and different health and humanitarian emergency contexts.

• The United Nations (including WHO) conducts at least two system-wide training and simulation exercises, including one for covering the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen.

• WHO develops intermediate triggers to mobilize national, international and multilateral action early in outbreaks, to complement existing mechanisms for later and more advanced stages of an outbreak under the IHR (2005).

• The Secretary General of the United Nations convenes a high-level dialogue with health, security and foreign affairs officials to determine how the world can address the threat of a lethal respiratory pathogen pandemic, as well as for managing preparedness for disease outbreaks in complex, insecure contexts.

Here’s another little section of it that might enlighten you:

Trust in institutions is eroding. Governments, scientists, the media, public health,
health systems and health workers in many countries are facing a breakdown in
public trust that is threatening their ability to function effectively. The situation is
exacerbated by misinformation that can hinder disease control communicated
quickly and widely via social media.

So, these psychopathic fucktard imbecile monsters who released a less deadly biological weapon to prepare, and run a simulation for the more deadly biological weapon they were going to release, or that somebody else might, who killed millions and destroyed lives and damaged the world’s trust in their leaders forever, think that I’m spreading misinformation by publishing their own words, from their own document, about what they did.

Here’s another “risk report” from the WEF, who are in league with the UN, in forming a one world government, who say they want to use food, as a “force for good”. I guess that means they’re going to simulate what happens when people starve to death because of a fake pandemic. I’m not even going to tell you what I think should be done, if it can be done, to these people.

2 thoughts on “World At Risk Report By The WHO

  1. Thank you for this article, but you didn’t have to use the f bomb. For the origin of such word came from the peom, “Flen flyys. It “contains the lines “Fratres cum knyvys goth about and txxkxzv nfookt xxzxkt.” With the last three words decoded in the same way as “svvivyt mennis vvyvis,” it may be translated as “Friars with knives go about and swive (have sex with) men’s wives.”

    That is the only thing I have against this post. Other than that, thank you for writing this. It is important to know the truth about what is going on and what is being planned.


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