Does It Matter Who Won the 2020 US Election?

It’s the end of 2020, and this year has been the most insane thing I’ve ever seen in my life. They spent trillions of dollars doing a simulation of a deadly biological weapon release, which was actually about as deadly as the flu, while the usual suspects were claiming it was the end of days and Bill Gates was the antichrist.

Then the police are seen kneeling on a black guy’s neck until he dies, and six months of riots, cities burning, new independent “zones” being set up to live on Mars free from authoritarian rule.

I actually quite understand that concept, but as JFK once said in a speech, “The pursuit of peace is not as dramatic as the pursuit of war.

You can argue who did what to who first, the CIA or the rich elites run the drugs worldwide and the DEA gave weapons and immunity to the Sinaloa, they trained Al Qaeda, gave ISIS weapons and planned 9/11 to go into Afghanistan to start up heroin production again, after it was stopped, for a year, by the Taliban, based on UN sanctions in 2000.

That’s a long history of the drug smuggling fleet of planes and helicopters owned by the CIA, Air America, the people who have the slogan “anything, anywhere, anytime”.

There’s the corporations, the military/industrial complex, the shadow government, the weapons companies, big pharma, the media, the sex trade, the “illuminati” who basically run the world and who never really didn’t, unless it was somebody else who you might as well give that same name to.

This group of elites who formed an alliance is the Bilderberg group, the UN, the WEF, the trilateral commission, the council on foreign relations, the IMF, the Federal Reserve, it’s many, many organizations or NGOs bringing together multiple interest groups as one united bunch of ruthless capitalists who do whatever it takes to keep their wealth and power.

The government is basically openly corrupt and takes bribes or funding for election campaigns, over the table, lobbyists pay the politicians to pass their bills which make them richer, and that’s basically what government is.

There is a looming threat of either a virus, a vaccine, or nuclear war killing us all, but generally speaking if the government, the governments of the world just leave us alone and nobody does anything they say, we’ll be fine.

Perhaps easier said than done, but I bring up all that because Trump was never actually in charge while being the president, and if he was actually fighting them in the way they suggested he was, he would have been shot, like JFK.

There is no plan to overthrow the deep state and put all the pedos in Guantanamo Bay, they wanted to seem like they were doing something, to give you hope that it could be done, and then let you down hard, by revealing the actual extent of their power and influence to the point that even the president of the USA couldn’t stop them, and he actually was one of them as well, the whole time. Controlled opposition, his daughter dated a Rothschild.

You might say these rich people all just know each other due to business, Epstein, Bill Gates, Clinton, Bush, the Rockerfellers, the Rothschilds, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, it’s just a bunch of names of people, they aren’t all one thing.

You could say that, but they have shown this year, they act as one thing, their reach is unfathomable, their propaganda and control so insidious, their threat of force so intimidating, that you might as well just admit, they won, like they always do. Democracy never really existed anyway, it was an illusion, we can’t vote them out.

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