Going Back To Sleep Once You Wake Up

There was a “great awakening” this year, apparently, everyone found out things they didn’t know before, about people.

People were doing bad things, and they didn’t know that before, because people told them that people don’t do bad things.

Some people do really bad things, and they definitely didn’t know that. My mother warned me about some people who do bad things once, and I didn’t listen to her, but now I know better.

Never say I’ll never sleep again.

The people who woke up, to these other people who do bad things, are now wondering what to do with this new found knowledge, of the bad things that people do.

It’s a good thing to keep in the back of your mind, maybe not in the front of your mind, but somewhere near the brain stem.

This is where you keep your reptilian brain, fight or flight, basic instinct. It’s about the same in makeup, as the brain of a crocodile.

Speaking of crocodiles, are they dinosaurs, or did the dinosaurs all die out? They kind of look like you would think a dinosaur might look like, but just not so big.

Anyway, watch the video, check out the rest of the site if you want to find out more things both good and bad, about people and things.

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