Is Alex Jones Nuts Or What?

It’s a bit hard to deny that Alex Jones has a weird take on reality, but it’s not necessarily a false reality, it’s just a little bit skewed towards a dark reality.

The first time I saw him, he was comparing the death of David Rockerfeller to a dying Skeksi emperor from The Dark Crystal, a kid’s movie and I knew right then there was something about him I liked.

I was left wing for most of my life, although I have realized many faults with the leftist philosophy as I grew up, not to say there aren’t various different issues to debate on both sides.

The thing is, there aren’t really two sides to power, it’s just money, money is power, and the people who have the money have the power, and fund both political party’s election campaigns, and it’s openly corrupt, couldn’t be more obvious.

Getting back to whether he’s nuts, I saw an interview with him and Joe Rogan where they discussed that, and as Joe said he’s been banned off every social media site, attacked like a political dissident, nobody in the mainstream barely even talks to him, so he just lives in a bubble where the bad guys are in charge, and they’re always trying to kill you and take over the world.

Everyone else in the mainstream media narrative seems to live in a bubble where the good guys are in charge and nobody is trying to kill you or take over the world.

I’ve been having debates where I try to prove many of the things he’s saying, and not just him but millions and millions of people, and people argue against it being true, as though they’re fighting for their lives. Cognitive dissonance.

I’ll give them links from the WHO site, or the WEF site, or the UN site, or Fox News, or video of Bill Gates talking, explaining the very issues I have a problem with, in his own words, but because he looks like a nice nerdy guy next door, in a sweater, talking in a soft spoken authoritative way, they just assume he’s a doctor, when he isn’t.

I mean, he’s not a doctor, yet he’s giving medical advice, and telling people what they will do, like you will not go back to normal, until you buy the vaccines he’s selling, and people just sort of go, that must be true, because he’s a rich bastard who bought his way into the WHO so he could use it to sell vaccines, and give medical advice when he’s not a doctor.

I mean, the corporate/government alliance of unelected dictators pretending to be technocratic saviors is fascism, it’s evil, it’s obvious, and millions of people see through it, all of it, and while Alex Jones may not be completely 100% on the money all the time, he sees them for what they are. Somebody to be suspicious about, and you need to have a guy like that around, saying the things that the mainstream media won’t and doesn’t report.

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