Is America Doomed To Fall?

There have been many claims made about America, both good and bad, and it is very clearly both, and it’s not certain exactly which “side” is which.

You have the conservative Christian types, patriotic, nationalist, but at least historically supporting foreign policies and governments that destroy millions in the third world in wars that never end for weapons profits, drug profits, oil profits.

They probably don’t want the wars to continue, yet they barely even know what the wars are about, and that’s half the problem, people just don’t know, what they don’t know.

On the other hand you have liberals, hippies, progressives, socialists, weirdos, freaks, feminists, gays, lesbians, junkies, minorities, identity politics, cancel culture, it’s not all bad but it is something that argues for change, uncertain about where that might lead in the future.

Let’s look at the civil rights movement of the sixties for some perspective on what change looks like. There was people like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, standing up for the rights of African Americans.

There were women burning their bras, leaving their husbands, experimenting with all kinds of drugs and alternative lifestyles, hippy communes, just freedom to do anything, and it seemed like the message was love and peace man.

Sounds good, but where does that end up? George Harrison said the hippies in San Francisco seemed to him like a bunch of junkies, and that’s sort of what it became.

Weed turned to acid, turned to E, turned to cocaine, turned to smack or crack or meth, and then they were living on the street, eating out of a dumpster, telling people they were Jesus.

That’s not what happened to everyone, but it happened enough to say it shows a pattern. The USA is the largest drug users in the world, and also the largest drug dealers, and the CIA runs the drug trade.

They once made a hundred million doses of LSD as part of their MK Ultra experiment. Some say that they invented feminism as well, to depopulate the world, sold the poor minorities crack so they could lock them up in jail, and steal their women for prostitution.

They used the black budget money from their drug sales to fund foreign armies, and they are well known as some of the most ruthless, brutal people in the world.

Well it isn’t widely known, a journalist once printed proof of their drug dealing and how it was used to fund giving weapons to Iran, while giving chemical weapons to Iraq and Nicarguan death squads, and he got shot in the head twice and they called it a suicide. Gary Webb.

Air America, the fleet of planes and helicopters which smuggled heroin out of Vietnam, Laos, Burma, Korea, Cambodia, Thailand, Afghanistan, etc, they had the motto “anything, anywhere, anytime.”

Of course, considering that when I saw an article about an ex CIA purple heart recipient who tried to publish a book called My Twenty Years Smuggling Heroin Out Of Afghanistan and then he was charged with child porn, and then the article disappeared from the web, it’s hard to prove anything, even if it’s on their own site, to some degree.

It’s an issue of “national security” if they told you, they’d have to kill you, or something along those lines. So while they tortured mental patients and kidnapped kids with their finders program, they managed to write it off as a small thing, a small cult of weirdos, Satanists, nothing to do with them.

So getting back to America, I heard that about one in three is addicted to opiates or other hard drugs in America, one in three is obese or drinks too much, smokes too much, and maybe the other third is somewhat clean and sober and healthy.

Millions homeless, millions in jail, millions on drugs, prostitution, gangs, car jacking, most people not in a relationship, and riots that burned cities down for months over this year, 2020.

The country needs to change, it’s uncertain how it needs to change, or who needs to change the most, left or right, perhaps they need to live in separate cities for separate types of people, but if they are the “success story” of the world, who’s the failure?

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