The Religious Reaction To Covid 19 in 2020

There isn’t one religion, or two, there’s literally thousands of them, or more depending on what distinctions you want to make between belief systems.

Some of these religions had a specific reaction this year, people were often pushed into identifying with two specific lines of thinking, however there is never only two types of people.

The fundamentalist Christians in America, they kind of got divided themselves into those who believed that covid 19 is the largest threat we ever saw, since the flu, and those who realized that the flu wasn’t actually that bad.

Then there were those who thought that it was a biological weapons attack and Bill Gates was the antichrist, end of days, mark of the beast, 666.

I’m not even religious, maybe kind of Zen Buddhist, but I ended up gravitating to the last group, for some strange reason.

First of all, the number 666 came up continually, on the Microsoft patent for body activated cryptocurrency, on the HR6666 bill for tracking and tracing, and in various other places, if you were looking for it.

Microsoft ran an ad for Marina Abramovich, a dark performance artist that many called Satanic, spirit cooking, etc, and every time he hears about suffering, he grins like it’s Christmas.

NEW YORK, NY – March 18 MANDATORY CREDIT Bill Tompkins/Getty Images Church closing due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic on March 18, 2020 in New York City. (Photo by Bill Tompkins/Getty Images)

The primary, founding reason for his foundation, which he inherited off his eugenicist father was population control, he gave a speech saying he needed to reduce either people or energy production to near zero to save Co2.

He gave a math equation to justify it, Co2=PxSxE and said he would reduce the population of the world ten to fifteen percent using vaccines.

I saw Melinda Gates giving at a conference on population control, talking about the HCG vaccine against pregnancy which she would take directly to third world women to sterilize them so they wouldn’t have to walk for miles, to get sterilized. This is what she thinks they want.

I’m not actually arguing that there isn’t a potential problem with overpopulation, but my girlfriend’s friend just went through years of IVF to have a baby.

She finally got pregnant, and to imagine that these bastards would sterilize people against their will, without telling them is just horrid.

The former scientific head of Pfizer Mike Yeadon came out and said the vaccine will “possibly” cause an immune response to a protein in the womb, that will cause a miscarriage almost immediately.

I was fact checked on that, and the fact check said, he wasn’t the current scientific chief of Pfizer, he didn’t work there anymore, and some other doctors said it probably won’t sterilize you.

They didn’t say it definitely wouldn’t though. The fact check said that it probably won’t sterilize you though the former scientific chief of the same company that makes this Pfizer vaccine said it very well could do, and you don’t even need it.

He isn’t the only one, and it’s not just one thing, they lied about everything. They made the virus in the Wuhan lab, said they were running “routine simulations” of a “deliberate release of a biological weapon” in the WHO’s World At Risk report in September 2019.

At that same time, they ran event 201, a fictional coronavirus that took over the world. Bill Gates had ID2020 in the works for years, the great reset had been in the works for years.

They used a faulty PCR test that the inventor said wasn’t meant to diagnose disease, they said masks don’t work, and then that they do.

They banned multiple cures or effective treatments, and they censored millions of doctors and experts on social media when they all came out and said what a giant, horrid, evil scam this whole thing was, from start to finish.

So getting back to religion, there are some who believe this is the end of days. If you are interested in the end of the days or Armageddon based on Abrahamic texts, it was first proposed in the book of Enoch, which wasn’t actually written by Enoch, but somebody who thought he was, or had a vision or something like that. I found it entertaining.

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