Should We Have Fluoride In The Drinking Water?

This video is a dentist talking about how fluorosis is actually a serious concern, that fluoride may have resulted in a reduction in cavities, but that may have also resulted from people brushing their teeth more with toothpaste.

He said that adults have no benefit at all from drinking fluoridated water as the teeth have already grown, and that it gets absorbed by the pineal gland and the thyroid gland and causes calcification which can affect the functioning of these essential glands.

These are responsible for the secretion of hormones, the pineal gland specifically to do with melatonin, necessary for sleep and also various other functions. This page examines the connection with a calcified pineal gland and Alzheimer’s disease.

The thyroid gland releases specific hormones and is apparently necessary for breathing, heart rate, central nervous system function, body weight, muscle strength, and more.

So let’s look at that, they know they are screwing up glands that are responsible for keeping us alive by putting fluoride in our drinking water, which doesn’t even have time to absorb into the teeth when you drink it, and you could use toothpaste instead which would be more effective and you could spit it out.

They know fluoride doesn’t work all that well in drinking water especially on adults because the teeth are already formed, and they also apply it to kids teeth in a slow release paint in high concentration, all the time, unless you specifically tell them not to in the dentist’s office, and you have to know about it to tell them you don’t want it, and you don’t want it because those baby teeth just fall out anyway.

So given we know that kids are already showing the signs of fluorosis, too much fluoride and experts are recommending to not drink fluoridated water and use only a tiny amount of toothpaste, especially for children, what the hell are we doing letting them put it in our water?

They’re literally destroying the glands necessary for life, calcifying our vital organs and for no reason at all. If you brush your teeth with fluoride and spit it out, that’s what you should be doing, not drinking toothpaste, and it says on the tube, if you accidentally swallow this stuff call a poison hotline.

You can get a reverse osmosis filter to get the crap out, but I personally think the crap we need to get out is the people in government. BTW those baby teeth, their primary concern, they fall out anyway.

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