Did World War Three Already Happen Or Is It Just Beginning?

Klaus Schwab and others have said of this slightly more deadly flu that it’s is “currently forecast to cause the worst global recession since World War II.”

This despite the seemingly obvious facts and figures that the people “dying” of this “crisis” have had a longer life than they ever had before through history, in my country, dying at an average age of 82 with the vast majority having terminal illnesses like cancer, heart disease, lung disease, obesity, diabetes, etc.

I will accept that the virus they made in the Wuhan lab to cause this “great reset” was somewhat slightly more effective than the flu, at killing old people with terminal illnesses almost exclusively and perhaps lasting a long time and causing ongoing symptoms in some people.

However, they killed twice as many people, at least due to starvation with the lock downs they forced on third world countries. The New York Times said over 250 million people would be on the verge of starvation by the end of this year, 2020.

And so you start to see their plan, they’re eugenicists. They want to wipe out poverty in Africa by wiping out Africans, which is not at all a new idea, but they’re also “allegedly” extending that to sterilizing us in the West as well, and forcing a harsh, top down authoritarian government of control as outlined in the Rockerfeller Foundation’s Scenarios For Future Technology and Development report in 2010.

I been told that my perception of how these people operate, their plans for the new world order are harsh, alarmist, or they just suck, but these people they do just suck.

They are power mad megalomaniacs, psychopaths, sociopaths who seek and gain power because they think they know everything, or because they want everything.

The all seeing eye of Horus, the illuminati, the “enlightened ones” who think they see all and know all, or just a bunch of brutal ruthless dictators, joined together as one to allow them to try to take over the world.

I explained how China is predicted to become the richest country in market share within a decade if things stay the same as they are, the US may have more weapons, but the thing about nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction on that scale is it’s MAD, mutually assured destruction, so it’s not exactly something you’d ever want to try to do, fight a war against a country like China, even with the regular military weapons.

Did world war three just happen? Is it just beginning?

So, a global framework is actually preferable to some degree, an alliance of countries that work in their own interests, which are also mutual interests, of not getting destroyed by endless wars, or a war that could end the world completely.

The question is who governs that global framework, can it be democratic, do the people know enough about anything to vote about such issues, and does anyone know enough about something as vast and complex as “the world” to try to do anything to “fix” it? No matter what happens, a lot of people aren’t going to like it, that’s my prediction.

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