Do Vampires Really Exist?

Right away, with a title like that, I seem like a nutcase. That’s great, it gets you thinking, but there is a historical basis for the legend of vampires.

Vlad the Impaler or Vlad Dracula was a brutal leader in Romania, fighting a war against the Transylvanians. His son also took on the same name, with dracul meaning dragon or devil.

Elizabeth Bathory was a woman from an elite family in the same area, Transylvania, a couple of hundred years later, who tortured girls to death and drank their blood, supposedly because she had been taught to do it by a Satanic family, and to get a cure to an illness she had.

So that’s just some of the history that inspired the fictional stories such as The Vampyre which written about a couple of hundred years after that.

In today’s society, are there people who drink blood? There’s certainly been allegations made about adrenochrome, Satanic ritual abuse, and sexual abuse, but while nobody would argue that those things don’t exist to some degree, it’s very hard to work out how widespread it actually is and how bad it is in the worst cases.

An ex FBI chief Ted Gunderson said he believed about 1% of Americans are practicing Satanists, (a relative term with various meanings), which would perhaps extend to the rest of the world considering it didn’t begin there, but a long time ago.

It’s mentioned in the bible, the worship of Moloch in the valley of the sons of Hiddom, the valley of Gehenna, and the temple of Moloch was apparently destroyed, but that wasn’t the only temple of Moloch or Baal.

The Vatican put a statue of Moloch outside the colosseum in Rome, and they now rent out their medieval torture chambers as a five star hotel.

There is dispute about how many people they tortured to death over the inquisition, with the rack the iron maiden, burning at the stake, etc, but it was thought to be around fifty million over about six hundred years.

This being because they were deemed heretical, or not following the absolute command of the people who nailed Jesus to the cross.

I avoid religion almost entirely as a general trap, a cancer of the mind that restricts critical thinking and progress, for the reason it makes very little sense, and that the people in charge may be lying and scamming you, even if the religion made sense to begin with.

As such, I try not to make the distinction between the good guys and the bad guys, however there is a very simple way to tell who is the good guy. Who is causing more suffering in the world?

Perhaps not so easy to say in the big picture, but torture and murder is kind of a no brainer if not done primarily as self defense. It is quite important to recognize the existence of real psychopaths, as opposed to fake ones, and to bring them to justice, or attempt to, no matter who they are.

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