Should You Get Sterilized With The Covid Vaccine?

I’m not even going to try to convince you of the countless experts like former Pfizer chief science officer Mike Yeadon when he said the vaccine could possibly sterilize you, and you don’t even need it if you’re young and healthy.

Saw a Facebook fact check which said other doctors said it probably won’t sterilize you, so that’s the likelihood, maybe, maybe not, but not definitely not, and it changes your DNA, using a new technology never tried before, made in less than a year.

Fauci said himself there was a possibility it could cause an increased death rate when exposed to the wild virus, or other wild viruses, and Bill Gates said maybe one in ten thousand would get serious side effects as a rough guess.

What I’m actually going to do in this article is debate whether you should comply, and submit to being sterilized, given that they don’t even claim this vaccine will stop you getting the virus, just reduce your symptoms, if that, and you probably already got this virus and didn’t even notice.

The world’s population is headed up to nine billion people says Bill Gates. Climate change, pollution, cutting down the Amazon rainforest, over fishing the ocean, land degradation, wealth inequality, poverty, starvation, and when people do get all the money, they often times spend it all on cocaine and hookers and go mad or die young like rock stars.

I don’t know how bad climate change actually is, but we will run out of oil at some stage, it’s not easy to put back a rainforest even if you plant the trees.

The Georgia Guidestones “advice” on keeping the population at below half a million do actually make some sense, as we have no natural predator, and we are a predator which David Attenborough called a plague on the earth.

So, as the last “commandment” on the Georgia Guidstones says, be not a cancer on the earth, get sterilized, take the covid vaccine and reduce the population by not having children.

Hopefully it will only sterilize you, and not exterminate you. I’m not kidding, they made the damn virus in the Wuhan lab and I mean not China, not the globalist corporations, but probably both of them together, as a team.

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