The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Smart Cities

Before I start to talk about the potential good and bad aspects of a “smart city” let’s just first define what it means.

A smart city is like a smart phone, it’s packed full of facial recognition CCTV surveillance cameras, absolute monitoring of everything you do and say, whether online or not, with the aim of controlling every aspect of everything you do.

There will be digital currency so they can see everything you buy, censorship of what you say online, which we’ve already begun to see happen, extreme scrutiny of your lifestyle choices such as sex, drugs, rock n roll, and on the other end religious freedom or conservative ideologies deemed “harmful”.

They will aim to pack you all into a small area of skyscrapers fitted with solar panels, they will recycle all the waste including sewerage to turn it back into drinking water, while making electricity from burning the dried crap to fire a generator.

You will no longer be able to live in or even visit the great outdoors, as that would be encroaching on the domain of the animals, who need their own environment to live in, free from the cancer of humanity.

In a way, I can understand where they’re coming from, it is important that we live sustainably, recycling isn’t being done right now because it’s not economically viable, we are running out of fossil fuels and doing damage to the environment, but they haven’t really sold me on the idea.

For a start, I want to do what I want to do, I like going out and seeing nature, I like owning my own house, owning property, I don’t want to change what it means to be human, or if I do, I want to decide how I want to change.

Here’s an excerpt from that World Economic Forum page:

“Do parents have the ethical and legal right to design their babies the way they want to, or should there be bio-ethical oversight approval mechanisms? These are serious concerns, and they operate at the state level in addition to affecting individuals.

The protective response required is not easy, but necessary. We must aim at creating oversight mechanisms that mitigate risks without stifling innovation. Because of the diverse national and commercial interests involved, oversight can only be provided by a powerful multistakeholder organization – one that can hold states to account, as well as non-state actors, from biotechnology companies to individual scientists.”

They are talking about genetically engineering us in the lab based on their globalist “oversight”. My experience with this sort of one size fits all approach to telling people how they will live, based on “science” is that it doesn’t work for anyone.

It’s basically a communist dictatorship, like a green futuristic China for the world, and the people with the money and power to make that happen are saying they’re planning to do it.

The great reset, the fourth industrial revolution, a transhumanist Orwellian nightmare where in their own words, you will own nothing, have no privacy, but you will be happy, living in a smart city where you are treated like a slave, or a child, owned by your technocrat overlords.

In theory there are benefits to some aspects of it, but at any point that it becomes them telling you what you are going to do, and not asking you what you want to happen, voting on it, voting with your wallet, then it’s a dictatorship, and we fought too hard to pull ourselves out of the absolute tyranny that existed all through history just to go back to it again, without putting up a fight.

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