Has The Me Too Movement Gone Too Far?

I’m immediately putting a target on my head for even asking this question, but let’s first examine where we are in society, compared to history, and what the me too movement actually is.

Women have always been highly sought after by men, it’s a basic instinct to find a woman, or a girl, depending on your definition, and historically or traditionally they usually got married.

Prostitution has always existed as well, it’s the oldest profession in the world. Something women did when they didn’t have a man to support them, and generally speaking, it was one of the only jobs, if not the only job that women had available for them to do, before women worked all the same jobs men do.

This conversation from the famous movie Taxi Driver shows a young girl of twelve talking about how well she gets along with her pimp and a concerned taxi driver trying to talk her out of staying in that situation, and leaving.

She’s addicted to heroin, and perhaps that’s half the reason, if not the whole reason she’s doing it, you find out in the movie she was in a car accident and is in pain.

A runaway, a sad situation, and a fairly clear definition of the problem, although in the movie, she still decided she wanted to do it. There’s other more serious situations of child trafficking where they had no choice at all, and even worse potential outcomes for some of the kids.

I’m not denying that it’s a problem, but here’s where the me too thing comes in. Something happened that was “against the law” to almost half of all women, if not all the women and only really this century they’ve all been coming out trying to expose these things that happen.

Men are demonized for wanting a woman for sex, in a marriage, or a one night stand, for money or a job promotion, or anything at all. They’re just demonized all the time, for being men if they’re not doing everything women say, all the time.

A list of celebrities as long as your arm, including women has been labelled as “pedophiles” and for as little as being seen in a photo with somebody else who has also been labelled a pedophile, or a rapist, without them even having been convicted in a court of law.

Less than half of the people in the West are together in a relationship, let alone married, and marriages tend to result in divorce half the time, if not more.

The feminist movement may have started with a noble goal, freeing women from slavery, but it ended up driving men and women apart, to the point they can’t even live together and don’t even want to anymore, either of them.

I played in a metal band with a bunch of good looking, hard working, decent guys who were in their thirties and not even looking for a woman, as a majority.

Can you see where this is going? The movie ends with the lead character played by Robert De Niro shooting the pimps, and the guy who shot Ronald Reagan said he watched the movie Taxi Driver too many times.

It’s become commonplace for people to accept people saying that even women like Ellen and Oprah and Katy Perry should be strung up by the neck and have their tits cut off because they were accused of a crime which nobody can even prove they actually did.

It’s become a religious insanity, which doesn’t even have anything to do with religion. The traditional religious aspect of it was, they got married in their teens, and stayed married, and now it’s just a circus of endlessly pandering to the female instinct, which many times, isn’t even what the women want, themselves.

It’s just what they got told they want and nobody thought to question it and got threatened with death if they did. There are reasons why women got married, and not just for the man’s sake, but because women actually needed a man to provide for and protect them and their children, if they’re going to have any.

Maybe that’s the goal, depopulation. Just to be clear, I’m not a rapist, a pedophile or a creep, just a concerned citizen.

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