How Do You Warn People Not To Take The Covid Vaccine?

Drugs are bad OK? A fairly simplistic statement, but a reasonable enough one to make, across the board, unless in very specific circumstances and I mean antibiotics, pain killers, anti depressants, and especially vaccines.

You have to have a really good reason to take any medication because it comes with side effects, most of which they don’t tell you about, the doctor doesn’t even bother to read the insert, and when it’s a new, experimental drug, that changes your DNA, that they didn’t even take the time to test on animals, it’s a no brainer.

Expert scientists said it would probably sterilize you, the alternative argument from the experts who work at the company is it probably won’t, but they didn’t say it definitely won’t.

What Bill Gates said in an interview about the Moderna vaccine was 80% of people got side effects straight away. He said he estimated that one in ten thousand would get serious, life changing side effects.

People have reportedly died, got transverse myelitis, immune disorders, the FDA said on their site they been using cancer causing viruses in their cell line for years, vaccines have been accused of causing autism, the list just goes on and on.

Recently a woman who spoke out against vaccines who used to work at Merck got killed, she made a statement saying I’m never going to commit suicide so people knew that if she was killed, as she expected she would be, she didn’t shoot herself twice in the head like Gary Webb.

They called him a suicide when he reported on the drug dealing of the CIA who were also funded by the NIH in their MK Ultra experiments. I can’t really stress this enough, if you hear anything, ever, about a pharmaceutical drug, or if you can find anything about it on Google that says it’s bad, don’t take it, listen to them unless you’re definitely going to die otherwise. More people die from big pharma drugs than die of covid, every year.

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