How Badly Are People Going To Get Screwed Over In 2021?

I’m just going to get straight into the claim, that they are screwing us over, obviously and relentlessly, without provocation, with they being the globalists, the corporations, the usual suspects with the goal of implementing the great reset.

Some information I looked at recently was a video of the inventor of the PCR test who died in 2019 saying Fauci’s job was to get up and lie for the cameras.

I also heard about a vaccine whistleblower, Brandy Vaughan from Learn The Risk who used to work at Merck, a company that make vaccines, who mysteriously died not long after she said she would never commit suicide and showed how she had been broken into and threatened by paid corporate terrorists.

Merck was also the people who made the MMR vaccine that a CDC whistleblower said had a doubling of the risk of “autism” but he was told to destroy the study that showed that.

Let’s see, I think I told you about the nobel prize winning virologist who co discovered HIV who said Fauci is a lying sack of crap and that they made the virus in the Wuhan lab, which was also claimed in a study by a team of Indian virologists, a WHO lab whistleblower from Hong Kong, etc, etc.

If I’m not convincing you by now from the other posts on this site and by millions of others about their complete criminality, I probably won’t do it, I just have to let those who are open to hearing it know what I know about their actions because they are being covered up.

I had Christmas dinner here in Australia and it came up as dinner conversation the deadly outbreak in Sydney, and then you look to see how many died, and it was none, one person died (from or with covid?) in the last two months of this year, 2020.

This with the faulty test that tests false positive as much as 100% of the time, where there are “cases” in a completely unaffected population, or tests positive for other cold and flu antibodies, which the WHO and Fauci even admits themselves now, apart from the inventor of the test saying it wasn’t meant to be used to diagnose disease.

This article from our public broadcasting corporation the ABC has this to say about Christmas celebrations this year:

“People hug and kiss, pass presents and collect plates. They speak louder than usual to be heard in a noisy room, potentially spreading virus particles many metres through the air. There‚Äôs intergenerational mingling that doesn’t usually take place.

“It’s a really unique situation in terms of timing,” says MacIntyre, arguing that Sydney’s Crossroads Hotel outbreak offered little opportunity to predict how it might play out.

“But in this case we know we have this fixed-date, mass-gathering event exactly one incubation period before New Year’s Eve.”

So, with one death in two months, and the average age of death having been 82, older than the average age of death of the regular population, with less deaths than the flu last year and every year, when they made the virus in the lab, banned the cure, told people masks didn’t work and then that they work, said asymptomatic people spread the virus, and that they don’t, that the vaccine will work, and that it won’t, and you’ll still have to do all this stupid crap anyway, I’m charging them with war crimes.

I said right at the start of this thing, they were guilty of treason, for violating the Nuremberg code on forced medical experimentation, this entire thing is an experiment or a “system wide, routine simulation of a biological weapons attack” as they said in the WHO’s World At Risk report, and they’re all guilty.

If the goal is depopulation, sterilization, extermination to save Co2 and resources, why not start with them? They’re the worst criminals, they caused all the worst problems in the world in the first place.

I mean I called for their immediate arrest and execution, millions of people have, and nobody has the army to make it happen, or the will to oppose the millions more people that they have brainwashed into compliance with this insanity.

So, I’ll just ask you to read this article again, and some other posts I did before about the subject with links to yet more videos and articles and sources, and I’ll let you make up your own mind whether you want to put up any sort of resistance to these people, or not. You’re totally justified to do anything, including nothing at all.

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