Who Is Looking At Everything You Do On Your Computer?

The Shadowgate documentary woke me up to some things the NSA were doing, collecting information on every text message, email, video chat, social media group chat, all your internet searches, your porn viewing habits, everything, and then sells it to the highest bidder.

The link I posted there was to a small blog like mine, which posted a link to a Youtube video of the movie, which was deleted, and explains how the documentary maker, Millie Weaver was arrested. She worked at Infowars for a while.

The other part of this equation is Facebook, Instagram, and probably Google and Twitter and Youtube as well, are all collecting all of this information while gaining more access to your thinking and habits and preferences through their social media platforms.

They already told you in their terms of service, they own everything you post there and can do anything with it, your photos, your videos, everything. You might not have noticed, but apparently now they’ve changed their terms so they can harvest your organs when you die and sell them to a dog food company.

I’m not even kidding, this group of elites, Facebook and Google and friends, they were taken to court by the Artificial Intelligence Corporation who sued them for organ harvesting in China, mind control, brainwashing, sexual assault, pedophilia, murder, torture, I mean I’m just going off the top of my head, the lawsuit was pages long.

So, how safe do you feel knowing that these elites are looking at every single thing you do or say, whether you agree to it or not? The NSA will still be collecting all that data, and selling it to corporations and governments through Cambridge Analytica or some similar dodgy corporation, so people can do psy ops on you to win an election, start a war, or sell a product, and there’s not much you can even do about it, except keep your secrets offline.

The AI Organization claims China is Building AI Automated Humanoid Robots Nearing the Capability of AGI, Artificial General Intelligence. We investigated more than 1000 AI and Robotics Companies. We also found MBT’s.

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