WHO Admits PCR Test Produces False Positives

Here’s the basic gist of this, millions of doctors and experts and people were banned from social media, fact checked, called a nut, for saying what the inventor of the PCR test actually said, and what the WHO now admits themselves on their own site. PCR tests don’t work.

Not only don’t they test for the actual virus, but a small segment of DNA from antibodies that are in everyone, which come about from having another coronavirus like some of the cold and flu varieties, but you can cycle them many times to eventually make everyone test positive.

I had studied this carefully, for hours a day, along with millions of other people, especially the doctors who were coming out saying it, and they got silenced and de-platformed by social media, not reported by mainstream media, because it didn’t fit the narrative the WHO was saying, which they now admit was wrong as well.

In fact Fauci said that himself in July 2020, but the media wouldn’t report on that, just said everyone must get tested, raped with a swab that tells you you’re a deadly threat when you’re not even sick.

Now, if I was a sheep, I could try to justify this by saying it’s a deadly disease they had to know who had it, and the only way to know for sure was by making the test super sensitive so that even if no virus existed in a country, they could say that everyone in the world had it, just in case they did.

That’s what happened in effect, and what also happened is they screwed up all the data on how deadly the virus actually is, because over 90% of all the “positive” results on “asymptomatic people” didn’t even ever have it at all.

Do you get what I’m saying? They didn’t even have it at all, as a majority of “cases” which also account for many supposed “deaths”. This was a virus that may have been very bad, but the people who didn’t get sick and tested positive, didn’t have it.

They lied like mad scientists from Dr Evil’s underground lair to get the insane results they broadcasted as “facts” and then used those faulty numbers to justify the lock downs which starved more people to death in the third world.

The average age of death in my country from “coronavirus” was 82 years old. There’s no way of telling if they tested false positive from a faulty test cycled 40 times and not 30, there’s no way of telling if it was the regular flu, and the tests vary wildly in accuracy, even using the same test on the same person twice, or four times like Elon Musk.

They don’t have any goddamn idea what they’re doing, and that’s if you were giving them the benefit of the doubt.

I have of course been saying that they planned the whole thing, from making the virus in the Wuhan lab, to releasing it, banning the cure(s), telling everyone to wear masks when they said they don’t work, using a faulty test, to sterilize people with the vaccine, and install the new world order, the great reset.

When you eventually work out that everything I’m saying is true, and they even admit it themselves, one thing, at a time, you will eventually work out that they are trying to take over the world, and they even told us they were, but some people were too dumb to listen, even as they said it, themselves.

One thought on “WHO Admits PCR Test Produces False Positives

  1. I friend of mine with 40 years in lab research and work told me 2 weeks ago that even she knew a year ago that you NEVER use PCR tests to test for viruses, and that if she knew, clearly the CDC and everyone else knew too. Why did they lie? “In fact, the GISAID virus data bank has now more than 452,000 different genetic sequences that claim to represent a variant of SARS-Cov2”. Also “COVID-19 PCR Tests Are Scientifically Meaningless”.


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