Did Covid Vaccine Manufacturers Used To Be Cocaine Dealers?

It’s not exactly a question many people would ask, but I’m going to ask it, and answer it anyway, yes they did. That’s Merck, the company accused of killing a whistleblower recently, accused of doubling the rate of “autism” from their MMR vaccine, which a CDC whistleblower was told to cover up, they also made cocaine.

The Rolling Stones apparently took lots of Merck cocaine in the seventies, small fluffy crystals, and Hitler was on drugs, Bayer made meth, Pervitin, patented the word heroin, did tests on prisoners of war on sterilization methods, or so the story goes.

Bayer were funded by the Rockerfellers who still run much of the medical industry, and who came up with the lock step scenario in their scenarios for future technology and development, a tighter system of government control based on a virus.

Merck make vaccines, they’re working on a covid vaccine, they were the main suspect for vaccine injuries from the Vaxxed 2 documentary I saw which opened my eyes to there being any risk whatsoever from vaccines at all, which I knew nothing about before that.

Now I think they’re literally drug dealing eugenicist Satanic murdering bastards, because from what I can tell, that’s true.

The Rolling Stones were Satanists, or they were fans of Antony La Vey, (wrote the new Atheist Satanic bible in 1969) and they made an album called Their Satanic Majesties Request, which was perhaps when they were on LSD? I don’t know.

People used to take drugs more often in the past, or they were more easy for more people to get, because back before world war two, you just bought them at the local pharmacy, over the counter.

As for the cocaine, the CIA mostly deals it, they trained puppet dictators in the school of the Americas since the forties, starting in Columbia, they used the money from the crack epidemic to fund giving weapons to Iran, while giving chemical weapons to Saddam, and also Nicaraguan death squads.

If you have any question whether the CIA would sell drugs, their MK Ultra experiments used various forms of torture to try to break children into multiple personalities so they could be “activated” as a Manchurian candidate to assassinate targets against their will and not even remember that they did it.

Mind control and they got their funding for buying a hundred million doses of LSD for general widespread experimentation on the public from the NIH.

Not trying to say don’t take the vaccine, but you might want to think about it, maybe. I put lots of links in this post as sources, you might want to check some of them out, if you have any doubts that what I’m saying has some truth to it. Look at this guy.

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