Are The Communists And The Capitalists Teaming Up To Sterilize The World With Vaccines?

The Russian vaccine was one of the first made, and now the Sputnik vaccine is apparently being combined with the Astra Zeneca vaccine, and is ready to go into trials.

As you may know, Russia have a long history of poisoning political enemies, and Astrazeneca have a long history of court cases against them for fraud and various things.

They have shares in Moderna, all these companies are basically owned by the same people at the top, and I’ve gone into the lies and crimes of big pharma in other posts.

Here’s a fact check that seeks to claim that Fauci didn’t have ties to funding Moderna, although it admits the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation did.

The point is not that they have something to gain from it, they do, Bill Gates owns seven vaccine factories, both saying he will lose billions, and that he makes a twenty to one return on investment, at the same time.

The point is that these people who have been funding the big pharma corporations are the same who funded Hitler, did tests on prisoners of war on sterilization methods. The Rockerfellers, etc.

The very best you could say about them is they have a proven history of fraud, incompetence, and horrible mistakes that killed millions. For example Pfizer had the largest case of fraud won against them for promoting a pain killer for uses it was not approved for, that was later withdrawn completely.

Seeing as it was taken off the shelves, it’s not meant to be used for anything, and that’s my immediate reaction to everything I’ve heard about this vaccine.

It could sterilize you, it’s made by the same people who used to sell cocaine and heroin and meth and other variations of hard drugs as prescription drugs, and based on everything I can work out, you don’t need it, particularly if you’re young and healthy, and it probably won’t even work anyway.

It’s dodgy as hell to trust Russia or China and their vaccine, but actually equally dodgy to trust the Western big pharma companies or the US government, or any of these people. They’re all proven criminals.

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