Are Covid Vaccine Deaths Going Unreported On Mainstream Media?

This is a video about how the vaccine has caused allergic reactions in people already, but they say it’s not serious, even though in the Moderna trials, 21% of the adverse reactions were serious, with almost everyone getting side effects immediately.

There are already multiple reports of people dying after taking the vaccine, and whenever somebody dies, or gets transverse myelitis, or bell’s palsy, they say it was unrelated or it will probably go away.

They are warning anyone who has an allergy to avoid the vaccine, and various different problems are starting to emerge, like it causing an immune response to injectable facial fillers used in plastic surgery.

All of this, while studies on existing drugs like Ivermectin, which has shown to cure around 80% of people who took it, with known side effects for decades, are not being rushed through, over an experimental vaccine that changes your DNA, with serious side effects showing up immediately. That clinical trial ends in March 2021.

This while top US officials are continuing to say that the most likely source of the coronavirus is from the Wuhan lab, funded by the NIH to make biological weapons, to come up with cures for them.

China is blocking investigators access to the Wuhan lab to investigate, and the mere mention of an investigation by Australia had them tweeting images of an Australian soldier slitting the throat of an Afghan child, and cutting off all imports of coal, beef, wine, etc.

So, as I said from the beginning, they made the virus in the Wuhan lab, they banned the cure, the vaccine will sterilize or exterminate you, and you don’t even need it if you’re young and healthy.

Masks don’t work, the government are criminals, and you should avoid people generally, but not because of the virus. Because they’re nuts.

Update: here’s another reported death of a doctor from the covid vax, from the New York Times.

The cure cannot be worse than the disease, they say.

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