Will Trump Concede The Election To Biden Peacefully?

Trump has been tweeting about how the election was stolen from him for months now, in fact he was preemptively saying it was going to be stolen by mail in ballots in the last debate.

Twitter pulled down his account unless he deleted certain tweets which were actually calling for stopping the violence and going home.

Now he says it’s all about a peaceful transfer of power, after four people got shot in the storming of the capitol building riot. He couldn’t really say anything else, the court cases were not successful.

Does this mean that there will be a peaceful transition of power to Biden, after everything we’ve seen happen over the year of 2020, the extreme division and riots from Antifa and BLM, the coronavirus lockdowns, the censorship of conservatives on social media, and all that? I don’t know.

The USA seems to have a very uncertain future, they’re in debt for a tenth of all the money in the world, China is predicted to take over as richest country in market share in less than ten years, there’s a great reset in the works, the plans for a one world government or new world order, that looks suspiciously like China.

Me personally, I declared world war three almost a year ago now, it was an attack on the world with biological weapons, or perhaps a “system wide simulation of a biological weapons attack” as laid out in the WHO’s World At Risk report from September 2019.

Biden has been called a corrupt puppet pedophile with dementia, and to be fair, Trump has been called worse even, but no matter what happens, the world isn’t looking like it’s ever going to be the same, civil war, world war three, or not.

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