Melinda Gates At a Conference On Population Control Talking Sterilization Injections

Bill Gates was accused of sterilizing millions of women in Kenya, Nicaragua, Philippines, and perhaps more countries. It’s a little hard to prove, but here’s a scientific paper from Researchgate about the HCG vaccine against pregnancy found in a tetanus shot.

Edit: BTW here’s the Bitchute version of the censored video, the Bill Gates series by The Corbett Report.

The original YouTube version that was cut to the exact time was deleted when his channel was terminated, but if you start about 11:00 that should do it.

There was a paper published in the Lancet in 1988 called Nigeria, a well meaning but controversial population policy, and you have to either be in an educational institution, or buy it for $35.95 but I can tell you what it would say, if I could read it.

It’s hard to believe because most people just aren’t evil.

There are over five kids born to each woman on average in Nigeria, they start young, they have lots of kids, and the country of Nigeria is set to become fourth largest population in the world in less than fifty years, and that’s just one country in Africa.

As far as the harm caused to the world by population, the developed world makes tons of pollution, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, harmful poisons in the water, sewerage and rubbish in the oceans, the plastic has dissolved into micro particles.

They over fish, over farm, degrade the land, cut down the rainforest, use all the resources, and David Attenborough, (a fairly nice guy it seems) called humans a plague on the earth.

Bill Gates said in his TED talk Innovating to Zero, we have no choice, we must reduce one of these numbers to near zero to get net zero Co2 emissions.

He made a math equation, Co2=PxSxE and he chose to reduce people, ten to fifteen percent of the world’s population, he said it was the primary, founding reason for his foundation, which he inherited off his father, also a eugenicist.

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So, when I say they’re planning to sterilize the world with vaccines, or exterminate them, and they told you they were, I mean they didn’t exactly say in those exact words, we’re going to sterilize and exterminate you bitches, but they pretty much came close to saying exactly that.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, and please stop thinking I’m the one who’s out to get you, by trying to tell the truth.

Conspiracy theories are mostly facts, where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and this is a big smoking blaze, unless you want to be sterilized which Melinda Gates just assumes you do.

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