The Silencing Of Free Speech By Big Tech Overlords

This is a video from a senate hearing with Zuckerberg and Dorsey from November 2020 when big tech, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube, were censoring conservatives, experts, doctors, journalists and politicians by the millions, in numbers never seen before, over their political opinions.

They then justified this by saying Trump is a fascist, and a racist, and he hurt my feelings, while the Antifa/BLM crowd were shooting cops and burning down city blocks, rioting for almost a full year, across the USA, quite literally.

I don’t want to get into a fight about who’s right, it’s just that everyone deserves to have free speech, it’s the first amendment of the constitution of the USA, and these social media platforms are worldwide also.

When this started happening, people being censored, including me, for a total of six months from Facebook now I been banned from posting, I went and joined Mewe and then Parler, and Gab, and what happened just recently is they filed lawsuits against them and the Apple app store and Google Play and Amazon web hosting removed them from their services.

What this effectively means is, because of one man and his political opinions as president of the USA, they’re destroying the websites of innocent people, because they’re complete authoritarian dictators trying to stop millions of people having free speech anywhere, at any time.

This is seen as an act of war, an attack on democracy and freedom, and the people involved, as traitors guilty of treason and sedition. They of course argue the same in reverse, but the difference there, is one group is trying to break the constitutional right to freedom of speech all the way up to the supposed leader of the free world who was democratically elected.

When they banned Alex Jones from all platforms, that was one thing, and that was bad enough, because he was just exercising his right to free speech and alternative journalism, even if it was a bit out there.

But when they silence the sitting president of the USA, as he says they stole the election, after silencing him for tweeting teams of front line doctors saying they banned the cure, it’s murder, it makes them look like a bunch of book burning totalitarian mass murdering criminals on the scale of the Nazis, or the communists.

Whether they’re fascists, or communists, or a bit of both, a new technocratic dictatorship of their own making, they simply cannot deny they are fighting against free speech and democracy and telling people what they’re allowed to think, say, see and hear. This in itself is incitement of war, no matter which “side” you’re on.

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