Is Viral Sharing The Future Of News?

Here’s a video of the top ten viral videos on Youtube, it may have changed since then, but it shows what sort of content has gone viral in the past. This video is from 2014.

The difference since 2020 and into the future is viral sharing on social media has incorporated news and even “fake news” as a larger part of social sharing, compared to what used to be shared in large numbers.

Instead of videos about animals doing funny things or strange freaks of nature, it’s news more than ever that gets shared, and mostly because people think their friends won’t see it on mainstream media unless they do share it.

What happened was a million people got censored from social media for talking about “conspiracy theories” or “misinformation” which actually seemed more like the facts than the fact checkers on Facebook, and so it went viral, among a certain crowd.

There has been a pushback against this, for example Trump tweeted a video of the frontline doctors saying they banned the cure, it’s murder, and that they stole the election from him, and that eventually led to them permanently suspending or indefinitely suspending all the social media accounts of the president of the USA, (you can access the archive of his tweets here.

The fact checkers constantly put a warning on those pages they identify as containing any “misinformation” or even banning whole domains from being shared at all.

Some popular alternative news sites like Infowars, The High Wire, Dollar Vigilante, and many more have been de-platformed altogether and so in order to get news out there to social media, you need someone else as a middleman to make videos about it, or blog about it.

That’s what I attempt to do on this site, which is only a few months old, I made it as a way to get the alternative news out to the people, with my own spin on it, while not being large enough to get targeted myself.

The censorship has been extreme with an exodus of people to alternative social media sites like Mewe, Bitchute, Parler, Gab, Lbry, and many more, gaining so many new members when Trump got deleted, the servers couldn’t handle the traffic.

As far as what the news is right now, you can check my latest blog posts, if you’re not seeing this directly as I’m writing it, but this being a new blog, the only way you would read it is if somebody shared it to you, which is why social media, and viral sharing is an important tool that may be very important in the future of how we receive “the news”.

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