Will The Covid Vaccine Cause Covid Deaths To Rise?

One of the first things I learned about when the coronavirus hit was the potential dangers of a vaccine being more deadly than the virus itself and Fauci mentioned this possibility early on in May of 2020, that’s a CNBC page.

The first SARS vaccine trial on ferrets from over fifteen years ago showed that while the initial immune response to the vaccine was OK, when exposed to the wild SARS virus, they had an increased death rate than if they hadn’t been given the vaccine.

Here’s some of that page and bear in mind that was the last time they tried to make a coronavirus vaccine for humans, with a very similar virus to SARS Cov2:

But researchers unexpectedly discovered a downside when they checked the ferrets’ liver health. Ferrets vaccinated with rMVA-S and exposed to SARS-CoV had elevated levels of an enzyme that indicates liver damage. Examination of liver sections showed that the ferrets had severe hepatitis. Only mild hepatitis was found in the ferrets injected with parental MVA or saline.

It’s uncommon to perform the tests that revealed the hepatitis, said Kelly Keith, acting communications manager for the Canadian Science Centre for Human and Animal Health. This study will help ensure that any other SARS vaccine will be safer, as scientists should know to check for this possible side effect.

“Extra caution should be taken in proposed human trials of SARS vaccines due to the potential liver damage from immunization and virus infection,” the research report states.

Cao said he hopes that others recognize the significance of the hepatitis among the vaccinated ferrets. “For future human vaccine development, we must pay attention to that effect,” he said.

The lead author of the study, Hana Weingartl, PhD, head of special pathogens for Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, said she and her fellow researchers are seeking a grant to continue their work. “We would like to look more closely at why we saw the liver damage in those animals,” she said. “It would be good to know what not to do.”

So that’s why Fauci said that the coronavirus vaccine they’re currently pumping out there at warp speed while still in stage three trials could actually kill more people than the virus, and he also said it wouldn’t work to stop transmission on CNN.

So you get these stories of dozens of people dying in a nursing just after receiving the vaccine, and the fact check says they did, but the outbreak had already happened before they gave them the vaccine, and they wish they had gotten it sooner.

Here’s the bottom line, the whole story about why we were locking down, wearing masks, socially distancing, destroying businesses, losing jobs, starving millions to death in the third world and causing untold mental suffering and loss of freedom, including to old people in nursing homes, was to protect old people from dying, as the primary risk group.

If the vaccine does not stop transmission, then the vast majority of the general public who aren’t in a risk group would not be protecting old people by getting the vaccine, so the only people who should risk a potential larger chance of death according to Fauci himself, (still unknown it’s still in stage three trials), are people about to die, because they’re about to die anyway. Make sense?

That video from Dollar Vigilante suggests they’re trying to kill off the old people on purpose because they can’t afford to pay them social security because the US is in debt for a tenth of all the money in the world.

He’s the financial expert, and Bill Gates said he would be reducing the population of the world ten to fifteen percent if we did a really good job with health care and vaccines.

Here’s the WHO’s “regulatory considerations” on infecting people with coronavirus on purpose, or “human challenge trials“. Bear in mind also they made the virus in the Wuhan lab and told you they were running a “system wide routine simulation of a deliberate release of a respiratory pathogen” in the WHO’s world at risk report from September 2019 which came out the same time as event 201.

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