Covid Crimes Against Humanity With Dr Simone Gold

Let me just summarize this video by Dr Simone Gold (update, this video from Facebook will probably get taken down too) who was fired for speaking up against the disinformation campaign as she calls it, by the mainstream media.

She starts by explaining hydroxychloroquine, how it was completely safe, on the list of the WHO’s essential medicines, over the counter in many parts of the world for malaria, prescribed for arthritis and lupus all the time, with barely any problems at all.

They did one particular study where they overdosed the patients on purpose, in the Surgisphere study, with four to six times too much, giving it too late in the emergency ward, with no zinc and Zithromax or whatever, and then they came up with the faulty idea that it had a significant risk from heart attack, which it never did, except in those with heart disease.

This then led to a law in one state of Australia where a doctor could get six months prison time or large fines for prescribing hydroxychloroquine, and you still can’t get it here, though multiple studies showed it had at least some benefit, if not cured half to three quarters of people with coronavirus when given early, with zinc and other medications.

She did a press conference with many other doctors, the front line doctors where they all said they banned the cure, it’s murder, which was then retweeted by president Trump, and because he did that, it was then a lie, just because he did it, but also because the WHO, (openly bought by big pharma and the Chinese CCP), are part of the murderous lie on the other side.

Trump has told a lie or two, he’s not the most liked or likeable guy in the world, but when you actually look at who’s lying in this situation, it’s big pharma, and it’s so obvious, you couldn’t possibly not understand it, if you had the chance to listen to Dr Simone Gold explain it, which you couldn’t because they silenced her from all platforms and then fired her.

She probably got threatened with death as well like other doctors like Dr Dolores Cahill, she said they threatened to cut the fingers off her children. That’s who we’re dealing with, not a bunch of heroes, a bunch of mass murdering psychopath eugenicists trying to reduce the world’s population by ten to fifteen percent, like they said they would.

Until you understand that, and the wider context of the reason they made the virus in the Wuhan lab, released it on purpose, with a plan for vaccinating the world to sterilize and exterminate them, in particular the elderly, then you just aren’t getting it.

She goes on to talk about how the vaccine will not prevent transmission, which means you will still have to wear a mask and socially distance, which makes no sense whatsoever, because those at risk can decide to risk taking the vaccine, if they want to.

It has nothing to do with most people, who aren’t in the risk group and who according to them don’t have any symptoms when they get it, as a majority, although that’s now been disputed by an Australian study.

They can take these therapeutic drugs anyway, or they could if they weren’t being suppressed, and for children in particular, it was never a problem anyway, except the problem to their mental health caused by all these psycho freaks turning the world upside down for a bad flu season.

Here’s a fact check paid for by Bill Gates that tries to claim the CDC didn’t say themselves that there was virtually no risk to children, but it still ultimately fails in making it seem worse than the flu in that population because it’s not.

Simone Gold is a doctor with integrity trying to tell the story of what she believes is the actual truth about the medical science, which is they are mass murdering bastards in the big pharma industry, at least partially owned by the same people who funded Hitler.

That isn’t actually something you can argue, when you look at the facts, it’s not up for debate, it’s just a matter of opinion whether you look at the bad things they did, compared to the good things they did.

She was just saying animals will often die at the end of a vaccine study, which is why you wait a few years just for the animal study before you start a human study, but of course that’s serious disinformation isn’t it, with a completely new technology never tried before, MRNA technology?

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