Why Do People Think The Covid Vaccine Will Sterilize Them?

I been saying this a while now, but of course it’s not me who is saying that this particular covid 19 vaccine will sterilize you, it’s many experts.

Among those are the former chief science officer of Pfizer, Mike Yeadon, and the former head of the public health department Wolfgang Wodarg, Dr Andrew Wakefield, there are many as this video shows.

The guy who made this video Computing Forever made his last You Tube video about how he was going to be focusing on uploading new videos like this one on Bitchute and other platforms specifically, because You Tube had taken down eleven of his videos.

Watch it all the way through, I found this when trying to look for a section of a video I had watched of world leaders around the world, over a dozen of them reading a two minute script from the UN word for word, and pretending they made it up.

Couldn’t find that, and probably because it was one of the ones deleted, but here’s some more evidence that the vaccine will sterilize people, to reduce the population ten to fifteen percent like Bill Gates said he was going to do with vaccines.

Here’s Melinda Gates talking at a conference on population control about the Pfizer sterilization shot that she wants to bring to third world women in their village so they won’t have to walk fifteen miles to get it.

Now due to the nature of the millions in extreme poverty, starving to death because they didn’t just focus on giving them food rather than starving them to death with covid lock downs and then sterilizing them, some people may take the next best option of having less kids, if they can’t feed them.

However, in first world countries, people already decide to have a lower than replacement birth rate, or mostly it’s because they aren’t even in a relationship as a majority and have various problems with feminism and weight problems and drugs and illnesses and being sterilized already themselves.

The relationship he made between vaccines and a lower population of the world, and he did make the public suggestion that vaccines would lower the population of the world, rather than it doubling every fifty years, is that if they knew their kids were going to survive to adulthood, they would have less kids.

It’s not like they got brainwashed with thousands of years of be fruitful and multiply, or anything like that, is it? Fundamental religious belief and traditions?

That couldn’t possibly be a problem, but if things go as they are with Nigeria having over five kids on average per woman, that means the population in the West will decline, and the population just in that one African country will more than double all Western countries put together in less than a century.

They would usually die in wars for food and land and cows, if not from natural diseases, but now they’re getting food that wouldn’t exist there naturally, because of rocks in the ground, steel, coal, gold, etc.

So, they want to further change the natural order by sterilizing them to fix the problem they caused by giving them food in the first place, which they also see as extending to the non elites in the West.

Useless eaters they call them and I mean the people who formed or were great supporters of the American Eugenics society were the Rockerfellers who still own a large chunk of the medical industry.

The problem is, once I managed to convince skeptics that it most probably is happening and explain why it’s happening, they often go, yeah we should sterilize people to save resources and Co2 then, good job Bill.

The problem there is they also expect it might kill you outright, or leave you in a wheelchair, a significant amount of the time, which could happen immediately or in many years time. There have already been many deaths and injuries reported.

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