26,000 Troops Needed To Keep Biden Safe From Death

As I write this, we’re coming up to the inauguration day of Biden as president of the USA on Wednesday 20th Jan, 2021.

The inauguration rehearsal was postponed due to death threats and threats of violence, with the Trump supporters suggesting that the Democrats will kill Biden themselves, just to blame it on Trump.

I just watched a video of that guy with a Viking helmet who said he’s a practitioner of Shamanism, and a follower of Q from Qanon, walk right onto the floor of the capitol building with a police guy following him asking them nicely, “Any chance I could get you guys to leave the senate wing?”

It’s like could it be any more fake? The whole thing smells like a hoax from start to finish, not just that but everything. Every single thing we’re seeing on the media, everything we’re hearing about, it just seems like a joke or a set up, a psy op.

That guy got interviewed by Alex Jones who is himself kind of a comedian at the best of times, maybe not so funny at the worst of times and he basically yelled at him that he was completely nuts, and Qanon was a campaign of misinformation designed to mess with people’s minds.

Which is exactly what people say about Alex Jones himself, and the mainstream media, and almost anyone who has any real audience such as Fox News. Tucker Carlson there seems like he’s trustworthy enough, but can you trust anything these days?

Apparently not, because even if they were loaded with integrity and honesty themselves, you’d have to trust the information network that gives them the news to report, which is basically controlled by five main central corporations.

Even if you were to trust those corporations, they get much of their news from the government, or other major corporation’s press releases or whatever.

So here I am trying to give you “news” as an impartial observer looking at various sources from all over the net, trying to work out what’s true, and the best I can tell you is, you can’t trust any of it, and that’s what you should bank on.

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