Alliances Of Nations CANZUK, EU, China and the UN

I’m no expert on global politics, this blog is more of an attempt to teach myself who is running the world and what they aim to do, but here is a video on the proposed union of the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

This was after the UK left the EU in BREXIT, and wanted to form another more meaningful alliance to have more power in the world in comparison to the United States, the EU and China.

What role does the UN play in all of this and are we moving towards a one world government? Well as I explained in other posts, the WEF, the World Economic Forum have partnered with the UN on achieving 2030 resolutions which are quite broad in scope.

They call it the fourth industrial revolution or the great reset, and just what they admit publicly is that they want to change what it means to be human, change education and health care and gender roles and capitalism, he calls it stakeholder capitalism his plan for the world, Klaus Schwab.

And then you have various other organizations and secret societies that plan their own crap with their own members behind closed doors like the club of Rome.

Here’s an interesting statement from their website about the “emerging new civilization.”

A new paradigm is essential to clarify our role as a species within the greater Earth Community. Conversations are needed to agree on core values that promote human dignity, respect for nature and protection of the commons beyond current generations.

So when you have countries, and then some large power telling them what they will do, (traditionally the US or US/UK alliance or the communists), and then all these other smaller sub groups of powerful corporations and individuals trying to make their own things happen, who is in charge?

From what I can tell, there are two main powerful groups in the world who have actual dictatorial power to affect change on billions of people, China, and the globalists.

The term globalists is fairly loose, it could include any of these groups of media and big tech, big pharma, big weapons corporations, linked into governments like the USA, but larger than all of them, when and if they want to be.

What it comes down to is does it benefit any particular one of them to participate in an alliance at a particular time in order to fulfill an objective, which still means there’s some chance they might not just follow orders.

But if there are orders being given, then who gives them? Exactly, that is what becomes the problem, pinning it down to who is in charge. It certainly wasn’t Trump, although he’s supposed to be the leader of the “free world”. Quite a misleading term.

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