Trump Gives A Speech About Peace On His Last Day In Office

I don’t know why I’m getting these suggestions on Trump’s speech from YouTube that have R.I.P. Biden on a speech by Trump about peace and healing on his last day in office but that’s what they think I want to see. I originally posted a different video but it was removed, this is the official one.

These social media companies, they banned millions of people including me for just posting these “extreme right wing” or “misinformation” videos, posts and news articles, but they were the ones who seemed to promote them in the feed.

Which is the reason why so many people saw them in the first place, and not underestimating the likelihood they were usually at least partially true, if not more true than the mainstream media.

The first one I posted was like the first result on the home page of my YouTube, not Trump’s speech directly, without the R.I.P Biden on the thumbnail, with him behind bars, from a relatively unknown channel, URO communications.

That may be because I watched one of their videos last night and did a post on that, about the 26,000 troops they thought they would need to protect Biden from death threats, but it’s still a little bit weird that that comes up higher than a video with millions of views from the original people that made the video like Fox news.

Regardless, this is Trump’s speech, and apart from the thumbnail, it hadn’t been altered at all, (except for some weird talking over him from news people on the end) so if anyone says I’m making things up, you’d have to say it was Trump himself that was making things up, or stirring up a civil war, and they did, they said that constantly.

I heard some talk about that Viking hat guy being in jail, perhaps looking at over twenty years, for being a dumbass because he was a “symbol of insurrection”.

They say he hasn’t been eating because he won’t eat non organic food and he’s not worried because he walked in through open doors that they opened for the protesters, which is exactly what happened.

There seems to be more than one problem with this whole twisted narrative, it’s like America and the world is being invaded by psychotic aliens, communists, terrorists, or worse, and they’re not limited to one “side” of politics.

Will this be the last we see of Donald J Trump? Not likely.

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