Biden Got Inaugurated Not Assassinated

This video starts with Lady Gaga singing the national anthem, for a moment I thought it was her becoming president. Interesting dress as always, not made out of meat this time.

Then, there’s a black woman soldier doing the pledge of allegiance in sign language for deaf people, who couldn’t actually hear the rest of it because they forgot to do that in sign language.

Then it’s all racial identity politics, the first African American/Asian vice president being sworn in by the first Latina to serve on the supreme court.

Now, I’m not racist, or a bigot, and it’s true these are firsts, hasn’t happened before, but there was already a black president of the USA, it’s not like “minorities” never did anything before, this isn’t the sixties.

That’s what they did these Democrats if that’s even what you want to call them. They stirred up division along every line imaginable, demonized conservatives as racist and hateful and uncaring, while they burned police stations to the ground.

They took one riot from Trump supporters in response to what I view as a vicious wide ranging attack on them, and used that to not only ban Trump from all social media, but to call for his arrest, and the arrest of anyone who supported him.

They suggested they be put on a list and rounded up, perhaps creating a domestic spy agency or secret police to crack down on independent thought like the Facebook fact checks.

I posted the home page of Parler on Facebook, a site that was taken down by a big tech monopoly including Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc, just because Trump made an account after being banned everywhere else, and I got fact checked, here’s the fact check for you.

They branded an entire competing social media site which was the only place to go after they banned millions of people from their increasing monopoly of social media platforms working in unison, as obvious fake news, satire, designed to mock conservatives for believing nonsense.

“Was Malia Obama arrested again? No, that’s not true: she was never arrested a first time either and the whole thing was made up by a liberal satire website that tries to trick gullible conservatives into sharing, liking and commenting on made up stories so fans of the site can mock them online, claiming this will teach them something about not trusting any old site online.”

Somebody then sent me another fact check on the Parler home page which contained updates on how they were doing trying to find anyone to host the larger portion of the site.

Amazon stopped hosting them, Google Play took it off their stores, Apple took it off their phones, because it had millions of members who had free speech and were conservative.

The other Facebook fact check (so reliable) said “This photo may be sexually suggestive or show partial nudity”.

If this was just a social media company trying to destroy another competing social media company that valued free speech, worth half a billion dollars, that in itself would be worthy of serious legal action.

However these people, if you can even call them people, want an absolute monopoly on information, thought police in the style of communist China, while they ban evidence that Biden and his son did actually sell out America to the CCP, with photos of him smoking crack and screwing little girls, that he took himself.

He tweeted photos of his teeth falling apart, he’s in a photo with Lady Gaga smoking crack on that lap top, or that’s what I saw.

That isn’t even the large issue, the coronavirus devastated the world, but the things they fact checked were that it was made in the Wuhan lab, released on purpose, they banned the cure, the tests were faulty, the masks don’t work, the vaccine will sterilize and exterminate ten to fifteen percent of the world, like Bill Gates said he was going to do, with vaccines, to reduce Co2 and save resources.

OK? That’s what they fact checked, and you can tell quite clearly that all of those fact checks are lies, and they weren’t even trying to keep it a secret that they were lying. There’s absolutely no level of integrity to their fact checkers, whatsoever, they’re funded by the same people selling the vaccines.

How does this relate to Biden? They’re all in it together, obviously. They are the big tech, big pharma, big media, big government alliance of mass murdering drug dealing pedophile bastards, the globalists, in league with the Chinese communist party.

The cabal, the deep state, the illuminati, skull and bones, brotherhood of death, headquarters called the tomb, the Rockerfellers who supported the American eugenics society that funded Hitler through Bayer and did tests on prisoners of war in Nazi Germany.

I’m rambling a bit maybe, but you get the idea. If you haven’t already noticed that we’re being turned into China or worse, all over the world, you need glasses.

Heil Xi Jinping!

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