You Used To Get Fined $110,000 For Saying Masks Worked In Australia During SARS

Farce mask the article was called from 2013 in the Sydney Morning Herald, during the SARS epidemic which had Chinese people wearing masks for years afterwards, as a fashion statement they said, even after all risk had passed.

Here’s a quote from the article:

“Penalties can range from fines of up to $22,000 for an individual or $110,000 for a corporation,” she said.

Health authorities have warned that surgical masks may not be an effective protection against the virus.

“Those masks are only effective so long as they are dry,” said Professor Yvonne Cossart of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the University of Sydney.

“As soon as they become saturated with the moisture in your breath they stop doing their job and pass on the droplets.”

So, the Australian government made laws to fine businesses up to $110,000 just for suggesting that masks might work, to profit from fear from an outbreak of a virus, and 17 years later, a Victorian cop had his hands around a woman’s throat, taking her to the ground and arresting her and fining her over a thousand dollars for not wearing a mask.

They put masks on people by force, thousands of fines were issued, and it’s still been going on, for about a year now, this insanity which is not based on any science whatsoever.

In fact the premier of Victoria, known as “dictator Dan Andrews” said at the same time as Fauci said it, “a mask worn is a mask wasted” and then completely changed his mind and starting ridiculous totalitarian barbarism.

They were smashing car windows and dragging people out of their cars for not telling people where they were going, they shot out a car window of a guy who broke curfew to get some milk, they arrested a pregnant woman in her pyjamas on her way to an ultrasound because she made a post on social media about a freedom protest which suggested people follow these laws and socially distance and wear masks at the protest, and they smashed in people’s front doors, forced masks on them, shut down the borders with the military, etc, etc.

This all happening while they had no evidence that anything they were doing worked, could work long term, and was proportionately worth the hundred billion dollars of tax payer dollars that it cost that one state alone to do this nightmarish dystopian Orwellian nightmare that had never been done to that extent for any reason, anywhere in the world, ever.

The logic hit me like a ton of bricks, the flu has been around forever they can’t stop that, the flu shot doesn’t work half the time and can cause terrible side effects, they said that masks don’t work themselves, and we find out later they were fining people over a hundred thousand dollars over a decade ago for even having the nerve to suggest they do work.

If this all wasn’t bad enough, all at that very same time there was millions of people saying that they were lying in much worse ways than that. They said the Wuhan lab was funded by Fauci, they made the virus in that bio level 4 lab, along with 1500 other biological weapons, with the stated purpose of making cures for them.

The Front Line Doctors group said they banned the cure, it’s murder, and big tech censored and eventually banned the president of the United States completely off all social media platforms for retweeting that press conference, and continuing to oppose these obvious lies.

The fact checks intensified, the lies became more obvious, and if there was any part of this “conspiracy theory” that wasn’t proven, by the words of the very corporations and organizations and rich elite globalists themselves, then it was a vast minority of the accusations being levelled against them.

So where are we now in Australia? There is talk of stopping people going to venues, going to work, getting on flights unless they take an experimental vaccine which the worst predictions say will sterilize or exterminate you.

Either immediately, or in a few years time, and they admit themselves it doesn’t even stop transmission, or stop you from catching it and Fauci actually said himself it could increase the death rate compared to not taking it, when exposed to the wild virus.

Where we are now is millions of people are looking at the government, big tech, the mainstream media and the medical industry as the most ruthless, brutal, scheming eugenicist conmen ever to walk the face of the earth, while a majority just believe the MSM lies and are walking towards their own destruction like lambs to the slaughter with daily reports of death and injury from these experimental vaccines.

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